How To Make A Leather Messenger Bag

A Leather Messenger Bag To Make Yourself:

Make a leather messenger bag for your child or for yourself from this article. The realization of the bag is easy, just get started from here and you’re done!To give a unique style for your bag the metal eyelets, carabiners and details made with simple sewing thread  which will . This bag is perfect for a little boy but also he remains unisex. Playing with the length of the strap, it is perfect for an adult. It’s up to you to decide who it will be for.This bag can be made with leather or thick twill fabric, denim or even canvas. The weight of the thick fabric helps shape the bag. The messenger bag is unlined, allowing a quick and easy project.

Properties To Be Choose:

The version of the green colored bag is made with really thick canvas. The edges of the bag (bias) were made in the same leather. Working a thick cloth on a piece as fine is not the easiest, but the result is amazing and really worth it!The other version is made with brown jeans. The bias of the bag and the decorative strap on the middle are made of cotton with colorful prints, made of animals from the savannah. The bag becomes festive and much more joyful. Inside the bag, some details made of yarn and a simple pocket add a little more to the project. It’s up to you to decide whether to realize them or not.

To Make This Messenger Bag, You Will Need:today2 300x212 - How To Make A Leather Messenger Bag

Pieces of leather:

  • 23 cm x 28 cm for the front piece
  • 28 cm x 46 cm for the back piece with flap
  • 8 cm x 68 cm for the side piece
  • 10 cm x 92 cm for the strap (10 cm x 112 cm for someone older) )
  • 12 cm x 30 cm for the pocket (optional)
  • about 254 cm bias in all (you can make it yourself in your fabric with a device to bias or an iron)

Two carabiners: (you will find in sports store at a good price)

  • a 2.5 cm x 50 cm cotton belt (belt style) or a 4 cm x 48 cm piece of leather
  • a kit with 5 metal eyelets 1 cm or 1.2 cm
  • a spool of thread the color of your leather
  • a reel of thread for decorations
  • a sewing machine
  • a needle for your sewing machine (if possible with a fine point and reinforced shank)
  • a hammer
  • an iron

Sewing Pins Complete Explanations Of The Messenger Bag:messenger bag 9

There are a lot of pictures in this tutorial to make everyone to understand easily. There are pictures of both versions of the messenger bag but do not worry, the explanations are for everyone!

First Details Of The Bag:

Add some details to your bag. Take the back piece and flap. You can place the cotton strap around 8.5 cm from the edge. Hold it with needles and sew. If you are using a piece of leather, take your 4cm x 48cm piece and fold each side 5mm to 8mm. Fix your piece 8.5 cm from the edge of the back and the flap. You can now sew it. Put the room aside.

Establishment Of The Bias, The Two Methods:

Now, you will put the bias on the side piece (8 cm x 68 cm) and the front piece (23 cm x 28 cm).There are two method which help you to understand easily.

First Method:messenger bag 12

  • There are two ways to install bias on leather pieces. The first method is fast but it is much less clean.
  • You can use this method on the side piece because the piece where to put the bias is quite small.
  • Pin the bias around the short end of the side piece.Now you just need to sew. This method works well because on such a small piece, there are no curvatures that have formed.
  • Cut off the excess of your bias and repeat the same operation for the second end of the side piece. Put the piece aside.

Second Method:

  • Take the front piece (23 cm x 28 cm) to sew your bias. To perform this operation, you will use the second method. This one is less fast but it is also much more neat.
  • Start by opening your bias on one of its sides. Then pin the raw edge of the bias with the edge of the front piece (the 28 cm one).
  • You will sew in the fold of the bias for a net result.
  • Then you fold the bias on the other side of the edge.
  • Pin it directly.
  • Sew carefully along the bias so that your thread looks discreet. Put the room aside.

Decorative Stitching:

  • Take the back room with shutter. To make decorative sewing, increase your stitch to about three dots per inch (you can use the longest stitch length on your sewing machine).
  • Use contrasting thread for better rendering. Sew three parallel lines on both sides of the cotton webbing (or fabric band) about every inch.
  • Put the room aside.
  • Take your side piece.
  • Sew a first line about 4 cm from the top of the end.
  • Then sew 4 more lines all the centimeters. Repeat this on the second end of the side piece.

Realization Of The Shoulder Strap:

messenger bag 29

To make the shoulder strap, take your piece of leather 10 cm x 92 cm (or 10 cm x 112).Place the long side down and take out your iron.Fold the piece of leather in half lengthwise and iron it.

Open your piece of cloth.Fold the edges over the centerfold and iron them again with your iron.Fold in half on the center line and iron again.

Sew with your decorative thread about 6 or 7 mm from both ends and at the center of the strap.Then fold the end to 6 or 7 cm.Fold the strap inside again.Now you can sew everything.Repeat this for the other end.Attach your carabiners at each end.Put your room aside.

Realization Of The Pocket:sac messenger 41 300x225 - How To Make A Leather Messenger Bag

  • The realization of the pocket is optional, you can decide to do it or not.
  • Take your piece of leather to make the pocket. Fold it in half, right side up. Sew around the edge leaving a margin of 6 mm and leave an opening at the bottom to be able to return your work. Cut the corners.
  • Turn the pocket on the right side and iron it. Add the pocket to your front piece with some decorative stitching if you want it.

Installing The Eyelets:

The addition of carnations is quite simple. Be sure to do this on a concrete floor or outside your home, for example on your driveway. In your eyelet kit you will find eyelets proper, washers, anvil and eyelet setter.

  • Take your hammer too.
  • Start by using the eyelet to draw a circle.
  • This mark indicates the location of the eyelet.
  • Center your mark on the side piece, between the bias and the first decorative thread.
  • Cut out the circle.
  • Next, place the anvil on your concrete surface with the eyelet on top.
  • Place your fabric right side down. Slip it over your eyelet.
  • Place the washer (pin side down) on the eyelet.
  • Place the setter inside the eyelet and hammer it to secure the eyelet.
  • Repeat for the other end of the side piece.
  • Now, add eyelets to the back piece with flap.
  • You can center them on decorative sewing. Starting from the bottom of the edge, count 7 cm then 5 cm between the three eyelets.
  • Measurements were taken for each carnation center.Now, add eyelets to the back piece with flap.
  • You can center them on decorative sewing.
  • Starting from the bottom of the edge, count 7 cm then 5 cm between the three eyelets.
  • Measurements were taken for each carnation center.
  • The assembly of the messenger bag.

It’s Time To Assemble All The Pieces Of The Bag.toiday7 300x225 - How To Make A Leather Messenger Bag

Start by pinning the side piece along the edge of the front piece. You can use a margin between 1 and 1.5 cm for seams. When approaching the corner, stop 1 cm from the end to make sure your needle is down.

  • Lift the pressure foot and rotate your fabric.
  • Make sure your bottom fabric aligns with the one on top.
  • Continue around the front room.Cut off some of the excess fabric.
  • Now, you will add bias all around the seam you just created.
  • You can use the second method for this step.
  • When you start sewing make sure your bias is properly installed by folding it.
  • Start by sewing in the fold as before.
  • When you reach the corner, hold the needle down and lift the foot off your sewing machine.
  • Rotate your fabric.
  • Make sure that the bias is always correctly installed on the seam you have sewn. 
  • Continue until the end, fold a little bias at the end of the seam to have a clean edge and clean.
  • Fold the bias on the other side and pin it.
  • Fold the bias on the other side and pin it.
  • Go gently when you are in a corner to avoid wrinkling the fabric.

The Assembly Of The Messenger Bag:

tttt1 1 300x225 - How To Make A Leather Messenger Bag

It seems pleated on the picture here below, but it is not the case. Finish the seam all around the bag. Now, attack the back room with flap. Use the same method as for joining the side piece with the front one. Do not forget to cut off the excess fabric. To add seam around the seam, start at the bottom and leave a few inches more skew. Start by sewing in the middle crease (leaving a few inches without seam) and go around the bag. Stop a few inches before the end. Pin the two pieces seamlessly together.Remove them from the edge and sew along your pin. Put them back flat and finish your seam on the fold. Fold the bias and secure it in place with pins. Finally, tie the shoulder strap to your bag and you’re done! Here is a view from the back.