How To Make A Messenger Bag

How To Make A Messenger Bag Easily:kassi+018+(533x800) - How To Make A Messenger Bag

Whether you need more space than a bag provides, or you want a personalized bag to carry your school supplies, making your own messenger bag is an excellent way to express your style and provide functionality. Keep reading to know how to make a messenger bags.

I already made four different types of messenger bag and everyone have quite different in its styles. So, here i give you some helpful tips which helps you to make a messenger bag very easily. Hope you will understand everything at the end of this article.


To make messenger bag you will need 40 cm (140cm) Vallilan Cloakroom fabric material. It would be good, because it is little thicker than the fabric. Just about the size of the linen fabric that might not be worth doing. This bag is made of a Vallilan Cloakroom fabric that is thick enough. You will also need to hold with ironed wire. I used A4 paper size for my first bag, because i just want to take paper in that bag.

Cut The Pieces Of The Bag Into The Following Pieces :

For the inner pockets of the pieces:

23cm * 108cm for bag

9.5cm * 31.5cm (these 2 pieces)

10cm * 120cm (strap, this length is suitable for myself, shorter people this may be shortened after adjustment)

Except the belt, the same procedure need to cut the lining fabric. Cut the same pieces to support the cloth. In fact, I made the mountain flip part of the actual bag fabric, but it is a taste. The figure below shows the exterior of the bag parts in section.kassi+003+(800x447) - How To Make A Messenger Bag

To support the cloth, begin with threading. Next, finish the pockets and sew them to the lining cloth. In left-hand side you can see, how I have replaced the part of mountain cloth bag. See the diagram for more clarification.kassi+004+(800x570) - How To Make A Messenger Bag

From here, both the bag and the lining are made in the same way, i.e., the side pieces are attached first. The bag will be about 8cm deep or thick, better you can sew them with the sewing machine. Take the side pieces on the right side to side of the bag part and sew them. Finally, the corners should be slightly cut open so they can be pull inside.kassi+006+%2528800x533%2529 - How To Make A Messenger Bag


Then I made a strap, for that I need a fabric about 0.5cm long sides and then fold the strap longitudinally in half and point them into two long sides. You can also succeed by sewing the long sides together.kassi+008+(800x620) - How To Make A Messenger Bag

At this point, you should have two identical pieces, one for the inside and one for the outside, and a shoulder strap. Place the pieces indoors right side and stitch them. So your strap is ready.

kassi+009+(800x533) - How To Make A Messenger Bag

In the figure below, I marks the place where I started sewing. The most difficult place for a bag is just that bend below the needle nose, which needs to be cut out sufficiently. Also at the corners of the flap, sealing resources must be thinned before turning. Then you can rotate the pieces correctly. When this is done, place the ends of the strap between the sides, fold the seam allowance at the top of the bag inwards and pin it. Sew the upper edge of the bag. Finally, iron the bag, because it give a good look.kassi+011+(800x533) - How To Make A Messenger Bag