How To Make A Canvas Messenger Bag

First you must know the method that I have described in the tutorial. It has one big advantage: it can fit all the bags. This bag is clearly inspired by Vanessa Bruno, but I created from my imagination, without a boss, trying to find out what -which would be best for me. And the biggest enigma was the handles. I did not know at all which distance to leave between the two handles, nor which length to choose. So I first mounted the frame of the bag, then I’m doing several tests with longer or shorter distance between the two handles, and shortening as and measures the length until it I like it. Here i give a solution how to make a canvas messenger bag

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What is good with this method is that we can visualize the final result and so we can proceed in the same way when we want to make a smaller bag or another form. It is true that I could have said from the start “the handles will be 11.5 cm from the edge”. But in this case, when you want to sew another much smaller bag, say 25cm, you can not reuse this dimension of 11.5cm (the handles are too sticky!), And you would not know what distance choose while with my method, you can do tests with pins and sew another bag independently.


That said, with my method, we can not sew glitter to the machine. We are forced either to stick them, or to sew them by hand, or both!

So order the sewing machine, use another technique I’ll describe right away, but it will also closely follow the dimensions below. But be careful, it needs to be very very precise both in terms of measurements and sewing.

Step:1- Unchanged stage: the vlieseline is thermocollared on the outer fabric.

Step:2- We cut and create the handles

The Following Steps Are Changed Or New Steps:

Fixing the handles

step:3- Fixing the handles:

We draw a line 5 cm from the edge of our rectangle both at the top and at the bottom. See the dashed lines on the diagram below.

Then we pin the handles 11.5 cm from the edge and sew them. See blue arrows on the diagram below.


Now we are sewing the glitter on the handles and on the front and back of the bag.

To do this, we put on the fabric, measure 28cm from the top of the bag, and make a mark. Then we will draw very finely a line (finely because we are on the front of the bag) along the entire fabric. See dashed line on the diagram below.

Figure 2 V2

Then We Do The Same Thing From The Bottom:

Then we will take our glitter and position them from the handles to go down to this line. We arrange all this so that there are no folds, that the strip goes down straight, then we pin the glitter.

And finally we will sew them to the machine. Simply sew the right stitch length 2.5 mm with a needle size 90.

Once both sides are completed, this gives you this: see the diagram below. Glitter is symbolized in light pink.

Figure 3 V3

Step:5-Fixing The Tread Of The Bag

We simply pin and sew the straws in a straight line, all along the dotted line, but especially outside of it.

Figure 4


And now we can resume the sewing, we fold the bag in two places against place, we prick 1 cm from the edge of each side. Then we create the bottom of the bag, the lining, etc. etc.

CAUTION:When sewing the flakes only a loss of loss there should be placed from 3.30 m to 3.50 m of glitter.

How To Sew Glitter?

It’s very simple, with a needle size 90 in the right stitch with the classic crowbar. The needle will simply break the glitter. When you pin the glitter, do it through the hole in the middle of the sequins, it will be easier and prettier than to drill holes.

Wow the article is very long I arrive at the bottom of the page so I’ll have to cut it into several pieces.

Well I hope all this is clear. But anyway I loved too much sew a bag. I do it again a video tutorial using the method “everything is predict in advance” lol. And so you will be able to see all this in movement rather than on diagrams.