Tips: How To Wear A Messenger Bag Guys

It is unimaginable for many women to go out without their precious bag. For men, it’s more complicated: we are not used to have things in our hands taken all day long. It is steeped in morals, a man is not destined to have a bag. But here we have included how to wear a Messenger bag guys.

Still, it is very convenient and democratized, feeding on testosterone day by day. So rest assured right away, you are not asked to wear it on the cubital fossa like Samantha Jones but to tame this accessory which is frankly necessary to us too.
Let’s take a look at which models of men’s bags are the easiest to wear and which mistakes to avoid. As usual, find our selection of good brands of bags for men at the end of the article!


The real question is ” Do we really need a bag? ” We can first take it as an accessory that will bring the finishing touch to a look, but it also has real utility! It allows you to carry more easily your personal belongings (wallet, papers, books, bottle of water, glasses, etc.), without distorting your pockets or risk losing something.

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Does a bag have a place in a man’s outfit?

Absolutely! A bag can have the same role as a pair of boots or a leather jacket. Many men block when it comes to wearing one and, when they find themselves at the edge of the cliff, many of them use … a gym bag! Or even these mini bags absolutely not assumed, which provide the opposite effect of the one wanted, namely to give a side “teen” to the outfit.


We do not change the good habits, the first thing to observe is the material. Look for a nice leather, thick enough, which takes light. Ditto for canvas: a poor quality fabric may tear when worn.

Also observe the supplies used : robust zips and other closure systems, metal inserts linking the hans to the body of the bag …

Finally, the finishes. For example, check that the slices are clean4. Not to mention the lining used, the care given to the interior pockets, the thickness of the thread or even the regularity of the points. In this case, the must remains the saddle stitch: the seam does not give way if the thread breaks, because each point is actually a knot.


A bag must first be solid. The first thing you need to think about is: “Will it hold up once loaded?” If you are urban, choose a thick canvas or leather. The perfect example is the Filson. This bag is almost indestructible, it patina well over the years and remains very resistant.

For the canvas, choose water repellent ideally: it is always unpleasant to find its effects soaked at the end of a rainy day. If you play in more formal styles, a full grain leather will be perfect, the weather will embellish it.

Plastics are to be avoided, they will not hold up and give a teen style (you’ll understand). Leather rather vulgar, too patinated or too ribbed too. Again, it is important to choose a bag that will accompany you for a long time because this accessory is timeless.

For a leather bag, count more or less 300 euros for a quality model. Below, the skin will be of poor quality and it is noticed right away.


There are several types of bags to satisfy the needs of each (logical). As you can see, the size of a bag varies according to your daily life and the use you want to make of it. There is no magic formula that will allow you to wear a single bag for all your actions.


This is the basic bag, big enough to put a computer, but not much more. It is suitable for everyday use, convenient to the city. There are many different shapes.

It is a very practical bag when you have clothes to carry, like your sports bag or a light jacket in case the weather gets colder.


In the same way as the 24h, the 48h can hold two days without returning to Mom. This bag for nomads must be practical: it can hold many objects without encumbering you, unlike a sports bag.

It can remain elegant if you take it sober and in beautiful materials (leather and cotton canvas, for example), but just as masculine by its larger size. This is the ideal bag for the weekend with friends.

This is the format we recommend by default. And that’s good, it’s the one we meet most often.

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This bag is the most controversial in the world ruthless of men’s fashion, simply because its unstructured and lightweight appearance is very reminiscent of the lines of women’s bags.

Well worn, it remains rather elegant, and especially practical. It’s a bit of the ideal bag for a relaxed city outing, when the briefcase is too formal and the bag is 24hrs too big for a few hours of walks.

It is often worn in summer because it is usually made of canvas.

Surprisingly, there was a curious paradox about this type of bag originally reserved for women. Its very simple construction and clean lines, very sober, it has made a great challenge for some workwear brands like Filson or Thrux Lawrence, by “masculinising” it with thick leather straps, cotton workwear canvas or even using selvedge cloth!

If you are more curious about buying a messenger bag then you can buy it online there are various online stores where you can buy men’s messenger bags.