How To Wear A Messenger Bag Properly

How To Wear A Messenger Bag?

It is unthinkable for many people to go out without their precious bag. It is  more complicated to wear when the bag contains more weight. We are not used to having hands taken all day long. In this article we explained how to wear a messenger bag and how to wear it properly.

Let’s take a look at which models of messenger bags are the easiest to wear and which mistakes to avoid. As usual, find our selection of good brands of  messenger bags at the end of the article!

How Do You Usually Carry Your Messenger Bag?

Consejos para llevar un bolso de forma adecuada sin que la espalda se resienta - How To Wear A Messenger Bag Properly

If you opt for a large messenger bag you will end up filling it and weighing too much. To take care of your back choose better small messenger bags and, if possible, load it on the forearm.

When talking about the problem of health bags and, especially, for the back , children are always referred to. It is they who carry the weight of their books every day. However, with the arrival of the “messenger bag for school” it seems that the problem has been alleviated a bit.

Now, what happens to us? Women are always used to carry a bag, whether to go to work, or party. The most curious thing is that, without knowing how, they  end up weighing too much.

What are the consequences for our health? What kind of bag would be the best suited to take better care of our bones and back? We discover it to you next.

Consequences Of Carrying A Bag Poorly For Our Health:

Back pain

Nothing would happen if we carried a bag in a timely manner. However, the real problem comes when we make a continued misuse of backpacks, bags, wallets and those bags so attractive that they match our shoes. It is for this reason that dozens of women with pains, discomforts and serious back problems that could be avoided if we follow some very simple guidelines on the proper use of messenger bags arrive to the consultations of the specialists .

Take note of what are the most common problems associated with the weight and incorrect use of these fashion accessories and, in turn, “work tools”.

Let’s take a short tour of the health of our back. Let us think, for example, of the weight we ourselves have placed on her in our childhood, when there were still no wallets with wheels for school that are so fashionable nowadays.

Let us now consider all the weight that we usually carry in a bag to go to work, or when we go out to buy, or when we go on a trip. According to the orthopedic surgeons, the deviations begin to occur in the first stages of growth, that is, in the childhood.

Later, we must add our postural habits, almost always incorrect , the way we sit, in which we are at the computer. Little by little we are causing serious damage to the spine until the first whiplash, the first problems.

Tips To Carry A Bag Properly Without Your Back Suffering:

The first thing that your physiotherapist would say to you is that it is best not to carry a purse. It is not possible to carry everything in purse. The messenger helps for such problems to carry your documentation, keys and mobile phone. However, we all know that it is almost inevitable to have to carry many more things. If you really want to avoid back problems, you should have messenger bag.

The Shoulders, The Most Delicate Part Of The Body:

Did you know that the shoulders are the most fragile part of our skeleton? That’s right, and the most vulnerable to the use of messenger bag. They support the muscles and bones of the back to overcome the weights.When we place a certain load on them, we force our body to have to balance. This avoid bending the back. We do not realize, but we are contributing every day to our posture axis being affected, to the bones of the shoulders suffering a slow wear and to our back is overloaded with a wrong posture that we repeat day after day along many hours.

Can A Man Carry A Bag?

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The real question is ” Do we really need a messenger bag? ” We can first take it as an accessory that will bring the finishing touch to a look, but it also has real utility!

It allows you to carry more easily your personal belongings (wallet, papers, books, bottle of water, glasses, etc.), without distorting your pockets or risk losing something.

Does a bag have a place in a man’s outfit?

Absolutely ! A messenger bag can have the same role as a pair of boots or a leather jacket. Many men block when it comes to wearing one and, when they find themselves at the edge of the cliff, many of them use a messenger ag! Or even these mini bags absolutely not assumed, which provide the opposite effect of the one wanted, namely to give a side “teen” to the outfit.

What Are The Criteria Of A Quality Messenger Bag?

We do not change the good habits, the first thing to observe is the material. Look for a nice leather, thick enough, which takes light. Ditto for canvas: a poor quality fabric may tear when worn.

Also observe the supplies used : robust zips and other closure systems, metal inserts linking the hands to the body of the bag.