How To Wear Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Renews Its Classic Messenger Cycling Bag:

Timbuk2 is a messenger style bag maker, whose operating base is  the city of San Francisco, in the United States. About 25 years of operations, the North American company has made some updates to the line of bags, messenger type, Classic Messenger (a classic piece, within the Timbuk2 catalog , which has had a complete review that has been made of the hand of the company’s customers). Here we explained how to wear timbuk2 messenger bag.

Among the biggest suggestions they have received in Timbuk2, for the update of the Classic Messenger bag. There is the additional support to transporting a water container. Using handle reduces the weight of the luggage, offer a more elegant, attractive appearance. It reduces the compression of your luggages.

Some Features That You Will Find In New Classic Messenger Bag From Timbuk2:verge DSC 8892 2040pxl.0 300x200 - How To Wear Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 is suitable for all suggestions. They designed a cycling bag which reduced the weight by 25%. Due to the use of  Cordura Denier 940 material – a material that is also extremely lightweight. Now, this types of fabric is used so it is too softer, and also extremely resistant against water.


Another aspect that was changed, for the reduction of weight  is the strap that is used to place on the shoulder. While the width of the strap has a specific size (even the smaller versions, it use thinner belts).

As for the closing system in the bag, the clips have been  used to placed just below the flap. While the belts follow a trajectory around and below the bottom of the bag. Everything is able close with these belt and so it is easy to use (the belts) in compression system.

Finally, on the back there is a holding handle (with low profile) that has been integrated over the central strip and to the shoulder strap. A pad has been placed to match the color of the bag.

Qualities Of Timbuk2:

Greater lightness and water resistance are just some of the qualities that you will find in the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag. All the aforementioned features, previously, used to be an optional accessory, so now you get better benefits for an acceptable price. Among other qualities that has been modified, we find that the cam buckle has a much smaller structure. It is attached to the belt that runs through a Z-shaped pulley (thereby adjusting the surplus of the strap will not just be flapping). A closure system that is easy to use and with a very subtle look.TBKDPJBC 300x300 - How To Wear Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Inside the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag, a lightweight TPU lining has been used. The sides of the flap is folded underneath, which greatly improves the waterproofing of the bag. The storage system contains three front pockets which is placed in front. It includes a small Napoleon style pocket and two internal mesh side pockets.

Compared to the previous version the cost for these bags for cycling is still same (the average cost, for this bag goes from 70.02 euros and up to 95.48 euros depending on the storage capacity). Finally Timburk2 offers the personalization service for this type of cycling bags, to give more character to your article (a service that, unfortunately, is only available for the American Union).

To learn more about this types of bags and more Timburk2 items , we invite you to enter the official website of our company and here we attach a video about the redesign of these bags and Classic Messenger by Timburk2.