What is the Ideal Portfolio Cross Purses for You?

The woman never says no to purse. Always she says that, one is not enough and we always want more! In addition to being a decorative accessory, it is also a basic accessory for our everyday attire.

Cross Purses for Women:

As always we must have at handle all our essential belongings. We leave you some recommendations of purses that every woman should have. So that you always have the ideal wallet in your closet.

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Cross Purses are ideal for paperwork or fast laps, this type of wallet is very practical and comfortable. Since it leaves your hands free, they become wonderful when buying groceries. These purses are very casual and they have exclusively more neutral colors. Always you have a freedom when choosing your own purse.

The size of your cross purse wallet is very important. Limit yourself and do not choose a wallet of 24 cms and above. This space is enough to carry everything you need for a quick and casual departure.

How To Choose The Purse Properly:

It is important that our wardrobe and its accessories keep harmony with each other. In this way we can have appropriate garments for each occasion.

And just as with garments, in terms of purses, there are also more suitable or favorable one for our body type.

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However, before talking about which bags are ideal for each occasion and according to your body type, we should know a little about the most common models or types of purses / purses that exist.

Women today have a hectic pace of life and every day they must take on new challenges, and they must always be ready to go from one place to another, including corporate and social events. That is why every woman should have a collection of versatile wallets that allow her to carry all her belongings and be easy to combine with her daily outfits .

Of course you should not forget that the purse you buy must be practical, comfortable, adaptable for all occasions and have enough space to carry your essential belongings such as: cell phones, makeup, coat, wallet, keys, lenses, among others. Here we leave some recommendations of purse that every woman should have in her closet.

Wallet with handle

This is an excellent option to take to work, a structured wallets with handle and has a good size to carry your belongings.

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It is recommended that your purse’s should be in a neutral colors. Like black, gray, beige or white, since these tones combine with almost everything. So you can dress quietly in the morning without thinking about the color of your wallet.

Shoulder Purse:

Shoulder Purse, Cross Body or “The purses that are worn on the shoulders or crossed on the body”. As it says the third optional name, are the light wallets that we carry in the shoulder or crossed by the chest, even smaller than the Satchel. This type of wallets are usually of a more relaxed style for  specific occasions, since it does not have many compartments or space to transport all your life in it. But very comfortable and fresh to take for a first date, to go out to spend with the dog, an afternoon ice cream with friends, to go for a walk to the mall or even to go shopping, since it hangs up easily on your shoulder and do not make you hands full, so that you can see everything you need calmly, without the bag making your life impossible.

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The shoulder bags usually have a lot of space and are ideal for those long days. They work for modern moms, who always want to look fabulous, as they have enough space to carry baby things. And are also ideal for a trip to the beach. Although a good sized shoulder bag does not perform as a travel bags. So you must be clear about what your need at that moment.

Envelopes and Clutches:

This type of wallet is also known as a wallet for the night, they tend to be the most elegant and are small enough so that they do not bother you when you are dancing. Despite its small size, envelopes and clutches still have enough space to fit your phone, your keys, cash and your cards.

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It is in a classic or modern style, the ideal is that they have a lot of brightness to raise your look to the maximum, it is recommended that you choose colors like lead, silver or black so you can wear it with any style.

Travel Portfolios

The travel wallets  are for women hectic pace of life includes weekends, the traveler bag also known as bag 48 hours, it is ideal for traveling as they are very elegant and stylish. In addition, they are functional so that on short trips you do not have to carry a suitcase.

Whether big or small we all need to carry a wallet always at hand, you just have to be clear about your needs and what is the occasion to choose the right one, dare to be an icon of fashion in front of your friends with the ideal portfolio.

Tips for using bags and not out of tune your outfit:

The neutral or basic colors for the bags are black, white, beige and brown. But, still, we keep thinking, how do I combine them with the rest of the colors of my wardrobe ? To answer this question, follow these instructions:

A black bag combines perfectly with almost everything. But, the most indicated colors are red, gray, gold, silver, white and pastel shades.
The white , goes with all shades of green, red, blue and black, silver, gold, and generally warm tones. Be careful when combining it with pastel colors , as it can make it look tasteless.

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The wallets in earthy colors such as brown and beige, combine with each other. However, although they are in the same range of tones, one does not go well on the other. The brown is propitious to combine it with crimson, mustard and white. While the beige plays well with green, blue and pink pastel as well as black.

How to combine a printed bag:

The print will always be for the brave. Not all of them agree to certain shapes, colors or sizes. So it is a risk to have a multicolored dress complement.  Here are some suggestions for you to succeed in your combinations of a printed bag.

Carrying a purse or purse with colorful details does not mean that your outfit will be eye-catching. See which color dominates your bag so that your clothes are of that same hue. You can wear a monochromatic look with a slight contrast.

If you do not have the dedication to detail the stamping of your portfolio, simply bet on dressing a neutral color and ready. Your bag will be the protagonist of your clothing.