Make Your Own Tote Bag In A Easy Way

Guide to make your own tote bag: Ideal for your communication

Whether small, medium or large, a company must communicate to strengthen its image and build its reputation. This is a crucial challenge today in an increasingly competitive environment in which it is necessary to stand out positively. Outside of conventional media, the advertising object is an excellent option to pass the messages. And there is particularly one which is very useful for advertising, obviously the tote bag. There are great ways to make your own tote bag.

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Why the Tote Bag:

For some years now, it is not unusual to find the personalized tote bag everywhere during events, or during festive periods. Indeed, many companies offer this flexible canvas bag to customers, as well as employees, to create a larger advertising space. Unlike other objects , such as a cup or a diary for example, it provides greater visibility to the company.

Thus, it is an accessory that can reach a maximum of people and not only those who wear it. Being a “catch-all”, the personalized tote bag is used frequently and efficiently relays the message or brand it carries. In addition, it is an advertising object that does not require major expenses, and which in turn allows the company to become better known.

What are the advantages of making your own tote bag:

The most companies now opt for this type of bag, it is certainly not a coincidence. It is also described as a communication tool of the moment, and the least we can say is that this moment will last a long time, because it meets the desire of the company to be known quickly.

Also, this bag is a pleasure for the people who receive it, for the simple reason that it will be more useful to them, than many other personalized accessories.

In addition, the customizable tote bag offers several options for choice in weight and color. From blue to red to gray or yellow, a careful selection is made here, so that the chosen shade fits harmoniously with the logo or visual to be affixed to the bag. The latter can be customized through screen printing or digital printing, two marking methods that offer an exceptional result and that make the printed impression sustainable.

Personalized Tote Bag:

Moreover, the personalized tote bag arouses so much interest, because it is not a banal advertising object, which customers can quickly do without. It is absolutely different from a calendar, because already, the latter will not be displayed outside, and will be very little consulted because of smartphones that now seem more convenient to look at the date.

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This bag is distinguished by its usefulness, both for the company that offers it, for the customer who receives it. But, knowing that it is also a matter of image, it is important to opt for a bag of quality, which can really last in time.

Finally, there is one last point to raise concerning the customizable tote bag, especially in cotton, that it is an ecological bag. Yes, although it is an ideal product for successful communication , it also shows a concern for the environment, a detail that is becoming more and more important when it comes to looking at the company from the outside.

How to sew a bag: the big steps:

Making a bag by yourself is not a complicate thing, even for a beginner in sewing, but you must know the main steps and some tips before starting .

In any case, make sure that you use good quality materials, otherwise your pretty bag may tear.

  1. Choose a type of bag:

The first question to ask yourself during sewing : what type of bag do you want? A large bag, a small bag, a customized bag, a practical bag, a shoulder bag matching your outfit or very stylish?

Depending on what you are looking for, you can opt for a purse or a bucket bag, deep, or on the contrary a small pouch, with or without handle. At the end, you will have constant satisfaction: your bag are going to be hand-loomed, sewn by yourself!

      2. Obtain the necessary materials:

If you rely on a pattern, read the recommendations and go to a store to buy the sewing materials and accessories you need. Start by selecting a solid and thick outer cloth. Fine fabrics will not last over time.

Here is the basic material:

  • Fabric or fabric coupon
  • A pair of scissors
  • A needle (quite sturdy counting on the thickness of the fabric) or a stitching machine / sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Sewing thread matching the color of the bag
  • Possibly tissue transfer paper
  • Decorative elements for the customization of your bag
  • Iron


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      3. Cut the fabric:

Before starting to cut, take the measurements several times to make sure you do not go wrong. Once you have cut the fabric , if it’s too short, you’ll have a hard time for catching up …

If you’re employing a pattern, consider pinning it to the fabric for easy cutting.

Do not throw down the falls, they will always serve!

      4. Pin the different pieces of fabric together:

Before the sewing step, you can pin all the pieces of fabric together or sew them very roughly for easy assembly and to make sure each piece is in the right place.

The temporary seams are easy to undo later , unlike the final seams … You can pre-sew by hand or machine.

      5. Make the seams:

If you like the machine sewing, you can stitch most of the seams of your bag and overcast the machine, but some seams will have to be handmade.

Finally add the elements of your choice:

  • zipped pocket,
  • bag handles,
  • zipper,
  • clasp…

Beach bag, purse, travel bag, gym bag, reversible bag, foldable bag, shopping bag, pouch, changing bag … The formats and styles are countless! Make your choice.

Sew a beach bag:

All the accessories of the summer will fit in your beach bag: sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, books …

Whether it’s colorful, canvas or wicker, it’ll follow you. Marie-Claire offers a very good sewing tutorial to create a large canvas bag for the beach . You are free to choose other patterns according to your desires.

You can also customize a wicker basket by adding a nice patterned fabric inside, or why not make a patchwork.

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Sew a reversible bag:

Above all, indulge in fabrics – printed fabric, polka dot fabric or star…. Then proceed as for a classic bag, with a special trick: make invisible seams.