Messenger Bag Strap For Women

Messenger Bag Strap: How To Choose And Use It Well:

The messenger bags are one of the essential bag for women’s accessories. Messenger bags are the flagship models to wear with a shoulder strap. There are varieties of messenger bag straps available in market.

There are many ways to carry your messenger bag strap. Straps are not suitable for all silhouettes, some errors can be dramatic for your look. In this article we will discuss about how to wear and choose the messenger bag strap.

How To Choose Your Bag Shoulder Straps:

You can now choose the perfect shoulder strap for you: simple or colorful, wide or thin, premium leather or accessible in imitation, you have the choice to find the one that suits you perfectly.

First, importantly, it’s best to choose an  adjustable bag strap and check that the range of adjustment is wide enough to suit your size and different types of wear.

Second, a removable shoulder strap with 2 rotating carabiners will be more convenient to allow you to strap your shoulder strap to any purse.

Leather Shoulder Straps Or Similar Shoulder Straps:

The choice of material will depend on the quality you are looking for and your budget.

Leather Strap:

Thick and resistant leather remains the premium material by excellence. Unbearable leather bag with shoulder strap will not relax over time. The leather is still a “living” material that does not particularly appreciate the water (if your strap is wet wipe it with a cloth so that it does not air dry and does not deform). Very aesthetic leather allows a lot of style and is illustrated by its pleasant touch textures.

Bandouliere matiere 300x106 - Messenger Bag Strap For Women

The Leatherette:

Now a days people respect animals life and limit the usage of leather bags. Recently the imitation leather is now visually very close to leather. Its life is still more limited. The faux leather used for our bandages will not deform. Because it is thick and resists in water and cold very perfectly. Pay attention while purchasing these bags, the imitation leather are not like the original leather! The faux leather shoulder strap is a good alternative to combine budget and fantasy. They are more accessible, they have more models, designs and shapes with more colors.

Simple Shoulder Straps Or Fancy Shoulder Straps

You can opt for timeless colors, they have true values ​​because they usually combine very easily with many models of bag: black, camel, gray, taupe or brown, they are perfect for all occasions.

And you can also enjoy this accessory to give a boost to your purse. You can also choose colors which is more cheerful or more feminine. Fashion is always shades with blue, green, orange, red and pastel lilac and powdery pink! With these beautiful colors your bag strap is both practical and aesthetic!

Small Shoulder Straps Or Wide Shoulder Straps:

The choice of the thickness of your shoulder strap must take into account several elements:

The weight of your bag: the heavier it is, the more resistant your bag strap must be.

The frequency with which you carry your bag over the shoulder: if you always wear your bag on the shoulder, opt for a wider banquette that will be comfortable

The condition of your cervical and your back: Always opt for a thick shoulder strap if you are prone to back or neck pain.

The rule is quite simple: the thicker shoulder strap will be more resistant and comfortable to wear. However the thin shoulder straps are not left behind, they bring an elegant and feminine touch to your handbag. It is still safer to reserve the dandoulières less than 2 cm wide for small bags or small pockets.

Bandouliere taille 300x106 - Messenger Bag Strap For Women

How To Wear Your Strap?

Two positions are possible to combine the practical side and the elegance:

Worn long and straight on the side: The bag is placed on the side of the hip, the shoulder strap remains parallel to the silhouette (“fallen right”). the bag is rather low, it must start at the level of the rounded hip. It is worn very casual, a little “rebel”, a little “adventurer”. Modern for sure.

Worn short and crossed on the front: The strap from the shoulder goes to the center of the chest in “crossed”. The bag is placed high enough, it starts at the waist, and it is brought back on the front of the opposite to the shoulder or passes the shoulder strap. This is the trend of this summer adapted by all the stars.

Whatever Your Choice I Reveal The  3 Mistakes To Avoid Absolutely Because They Can Ruin Your Look:

If you have generous shapes, do not wear your bag cross because the passage of the shoulder strap at the level of your chest will accentuate your shapes and cut the harmony of your silhouette.

If your bag is large, avoid wearing high (level size). This position is more suitable for small or medium size bags. Wear high, too big bags widen your figure at the belly and hips.

If you are small, wear your bag straight and not too low so as not to pack your figure and to enlarge your legs. There are many ideas and tips to wear a bag according to your figure.

You are now expert in shoulder bags. You will be able to give style to your bags and your outfits with elegance and without missteps.