Messenger Bag Vs Backpack

Messenger Bag vs Backpack

In the matter of carrying extra products in your bag, may lead to back pain or shoulder pain.Wearing bag depends on your style and also how you feel when you wear it. In general, if you want to take more materials you can carry a backpack. If you are going to make long trips or want to go more comfortably you can always use messenger bags. In this article we will explain the differences of messenger bag vs backpack.


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The Best Brands Of Backpacks:

The backpack is the most practical of men’s accessories. It serves us to carry laptop, wallet, chargers, camera, etc. In 2018, many brands are looking to offer their version of the perfect backpack.

The Criteria For The Best Backpack:

1.Comfortable To Wear:

  • A backpack is always comfortable to wear.
  • Having a fragile back is for me the most important criterion.

2.Convenient To Use:

A good backpack should be practical .

It means several things:

  • The interior storage : When you carry a lot of things, it is useful to have one or two inside pockets. Bonus for a backpack that has a compartment for your laptop.
  • The outside storage : If you move a lot, it’s nice to have easy access to your keys, passport, or wallet. A pocket on the outside helps.

3.A Design Look:

This is the very subjective side when you choose your backpack.

My Advice :

If you only have one backpack, consider taking it in a neutral color. Make sure it goes well with your jackets and coats.

4.Good Size And Capacity:

In general, backpacks can able to carry 15 and 30 kg of weight. The most common volume is about 20 kg . Finding the right size depends on what you need is more important.


  • They distribute the load between the two shoulders.
  • They move less when pedaling.


  • You must remove it to access the content.
  • They favor sweat on the back.

Depending on the usage you should choose the size of the bag. What we recommend is Velcro or magnetic closures bags, as they open more easily with your hand. And also it should be waterproof or wear a waterproof backpack to protect it from the rain.

Messengers Bag:

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The messenger bag are also an excellent option as an accessory for a more relaxed look, these are the perfect complement for a casual outfit, for your weekend, for the beach or just to go out in style with a comfortable wear.

This type of bag is an excellent option because it leaves your hands free to do any activity, which makes them perfect for shopping and even if you have children and you need to easily carry everything you need for them while still being fashionable. They are generally used with more casual looks.

When it comes to using messenger bag, it is important to notice their size, as they should not be too big, because it make uncomfortable at the time of walking, but neither too small so that you can comfortably carry everything you need.

Shoulder Bags:

The shoulder bags are one of the most important for every woman, these are usually the perfect bags to take to your work or any formal meeting, also combine with most of your outfits and really are an essential element if you want to look elegant and Fashion.

The best thing is to choose a shoulder bag with neutral colors or else unicolors, to be able to use them with a greater variety of clothes, ideally it is to use shades like black, white or gray, and thus you will have a bag that will surely combine perfectly for any occasion .

The bags with handles are also another excellent choice for office, they usually have to take them in hand but it certainly will provide a unique style, these usually are a bit more compact than shoulder bags but are also ideal for day by day, and you can combine your tones with your outfit to create a sensational outfit.

Advantage:Image result for backpack messenger bag

  • Faster access to content.
  • Can be used as normal bag.


  • More uncomfortable in the pedaling.
  • Load more on one of the shoulders.


There are variants of both types that try to minimize the inconveniences. So there are messenger type backpacks that are placed on the back and fastened at the waist so they do not move or backpacks to which we can put a strap type band with ease.

Generally these are compact bags, only to carry the most necessary and at the same time do not bother to unwrap freely. These can be classic or more modern designs, ideally choose a black tone, silver or gold, to match any look and look a dazzling style.