Non Woven Tote Bags At Best Price

Non Woven Tote Bags

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Tote bag is a customizable bags made from the exclusive Non Woven (non-woven) material. Non woven tote bags comes from different models, available in large quantities, of different colors.

They are 100% customizable bags. In addition, they are specially indicate to reuse. It collaborate in the reduction of production and accumulation of highly polluting plastic bags, thereby preserving the environment.

Custom Non Woven Tote Bags:

It is common that brands do not hesitate to provide their customers with these bags for free for commercial purposes. This type of bag available at low cost, for the quality and for their high durability. So that, while offering a tote bag can be used to multiple uses. It also serves to spread the corporate image and make it known, hand in hand with all its customers.

The uses, as already mentioned. It can be very broad and, even more so, if some of the models are specially destined for specific utilities. A good example of the practicality of this type of products.

Non Woven Tote Bags Appearance:

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Non Woven Tote Bags made in a special material, which gives a feeling of being fabric without actually being it. The polypropylene is an essential material to give characteristic finishes of these bags. Since, they look like cloth but are not woven or have seams, because the joints are heat sealed.

With the technique, the material are try to simulate the lines of a section appearing in the joints of its pieces. It is also use when making ornaments on the edges and on the joints of the handles. Some models, such as the Lake 7503 bag or the Valley 7505 model, have a vein per handle. So that it can be hung on the arm. Unlike other styles such as the Ocean 7501, in which the handle is stamp on the bag. Hold it with your hand.

Combine stamping the images that you want to take with you, or that you want them to wear, with these practical and resistant models of non woven bags of appearance and modern confection, of colors, shapes and measures open to cover an endless number of needs.

The material of these bags is cambrel, type of fabric that is manufactures with a percentage of recycle fabric. As for its capacity, our bags are up to 15 kilos.

Characteristics Of The non woven tote Bags Of The Campaign:

With respect to the use of non woven tote bags, one must be cautious. Not all non woven tote bags represent the same; since there is a tendency to offer bags made of Non Woven Fabrics within the same supermarket chains; that is, using the same petroleum derivatives produce a material that appears to give a solution, but in addition to being less resistant and have a shelf life of no more than three months.

It uses the same petroleum products as an input. Bags made of gabardine fabric offer much higher durability and load capacity. We are in the best moment for the end of the polluting plastic bag: this is what Mónica Solorza, founder of Eco3R , tells us. Eco3R emerges as the concern to start with oneself and change our own consumption habits. But also to contribute to the local problem a comprehensive approach that involves a manufacturing process, which generates added value in the local area and which positively impacts the environment.

Environmental Criteria For Tote Bag:

Citizens are aware and alert to environmental issues. It is not new that people report, comment and participate. Whether it’s fashion or moral quality, stop using plastic bags is something within our reach; with immediate application. That is the first step. The modification of customs. Because the laws, are late.

The path towards the eradication of plastic bags goes in a very clear direction: Prevent their consumption and minimize their use; remove the character of gratuity to a product with such a short useful life but with negative impacts to the environment so widespread and well known. Recognize that there are alternatives for our daily activities without plastic bags; there is a range of products and organizations with a social vocation that incorporate environmental criteria and based on organizations that were born on the basis of entrepreneurship; ready to accompany this society eager to take action in their hands.

Elaborated Bags :

Non-woven fabrics with lamination are bags of great resistance. Being flexographic impressions the bags manage to impact visually. The impression allows the photography or the image of the brand not to be deteriorat, we are pioneers in the country of this material.

The excessive consumption of bags on the planet and the ignorance about its correct disposition and reuse has led us to the search for new and more friendly solutions. In Colombia today is a current issue, which charges a tax on plastic bag. The main purpose of this law is to discourage the consumption of plastic bags. In pursuit of environmental protection, this tax is generate when delivering any plastic bag, whose purpose is to load or carry products sold by the commercial establishment that delivers it.

Laminated Non-Woven Fabric

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In the world today several organizations have made an energetic call about the consequences of pollution by the use of some plastics. The problem is in the ignorance on the part of the people on its re-utilization, recycling and handling in general. And it has been found in the use of cloth bags an ecological solution and the consumption of these has increase in recent years in countries like the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, among others.

In Bio2eco, we wanted to participate in this trend and manufacture ecological bags in non-woven fabrics and other materials, with logos and personalized designs, always thinking of improving our footprint on the planet !! We manufacture them on request! Join this trend with us!