Perfect Military Duffle Bag For Travel

Best Military Duffle Bag:

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A  military bag is an essential accessory as well as it can carry weapons, protective clothing and tactical equipment inside it. As such, the military duffle bag resists climate and the environment. It must not compromise the physical fitness and freedom of movement of the soldier, both in combat and during movement in hostile terrain.


The military bag is used to transport the necessary resources and materials during the various missions and activities. For this purpose, there is a wide choice. The models vary according to their use. However, here are the 4 types of bags most appreciated and worn by soldiers.

– Packing Bag:

It is a military bag of cylindrical or slightly rectangular shape with a height between 60 to 120 cm. It closes with a rope passing by fillets and by scratch or press buttons. the  bag package contains the endowments or individual equipment provided by the army which is used during the duration of its services. In other words, it includes the clothing, sportswear, personal protective equipment of the soldier. It is a kind of big solid bundle that the soldier can carry on the shoulder or with the hand.

– Cargo Backpack:

The cargo bag is a large rectangular travel bag with a capacity of 100 liters. This bag is used to transport the member’s personal belongings to OPEX or another duty station. Some military cargo backpacks have casters.

– Intervention Bag:

The intervention bag or operation bag looks a bit like the cargo bag but less bulky. It is intended to carry tactical materials. This is practical, functional and solid. It is characterized by its several outer pockets (6 to 8).

– Military Combat Backpack:

This  military backpack is made for the field. It contains everything the soldier needs for the occasion. It has several exterior and interior pockets and a hydration pocket.

Characteristics Of A Military Quality Bag:

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In a combat situation, the soldier is asked to make extreme gestures and movements. He is obliged to camouflage himself and to ambush, to crawl, to run, to climb, or even to fight in hand-to-hand combat, etc. The backpack of the army must then be able to accompany it in all its movements without disturbing it, while protecting the equipment it carries. The technical characteristics of the backpacks are visible in other models of military bags except that they do not necessarily have straps and many pockets. So, here are the essential criteria for choosing a military bag:

– Ergonomics:

The bag must fit the body and distribute the loads well. For this, it has compression straps, adjustable chest strap and a quick-release chest strap to remove it faster.

– Comfort:

The military backpack features a lightweight metal frame to preserve the back. The straps are padded with high density foams to relieve the shoulders.

– Compartments:

To be able to quickly get out the materials, the military bag has several pockets and several compartments. This also allows to store the materials (ration, hydration, cards, lamps, …) by category or priority.

– Camouflage:

Military bags are in the colors of the army. They are declined with the motive of camouflage and regulatory colors (black, persimmon, CEE or Desert for the French military). As military accessories, they have a Velcro for the surname.

Benefits Of Army Baggage:

Military baggage is used to carry the necessary resources a soldier needs during his expedition. All military bag models are designed to protect their contents and to protect themselves from wear and tear. Military backpacks are strong and sturdy. They are also very practical thanks to the many pockets and the possibility to increase their capacity.

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The military bags are made with Rip stop, high-performance, tear-resistant and lightweight fabric. This special mesh fabric is also water-repellent or even completely waterproof thanks to the coating of the fabric. Military bags are more resistant to moisture, mud and dust. Some have an on-bag while others have waterproof reinforcements on the bottom. In the civil field, it is quite possible to use these bags for travel, camping or hiking.

Things You Should Not Miss When You Prepare Your Bag:

The day arrives. You are going to make a trip to the field or to a scenario selected by you and you need to be equipped. You will be alone and you will need to carry everything you need to deal with any type of eventuality that may arise. Today, to help you, we will advise you how to properly prepare your bag and we will tell you all those things that should not be missed while you prepare your bag .

What Bag Should I Bring:

Recently we tried to guide you with several tricks that would help you choose the best military backpack  that would suit your needs. The important thing when choosing this backpack for our getaway is to know “how many days will I be out?”. From there, we will select those bags that best suit our needs based on their size. If the exit is not going to be very long. If you do not know very well which one to choose, the recommendation will be that you have one of between 40-50L capacity.

Whatever our choice, the characteristics of the bag that we select should contemplate:

  • Several internal and external pockets in which we can place those things that we bring easy access.
  • Interior compartments of the bag, is to place things in an orderly manner and prevent them from moving excessively when we move.
    Breathable mesh on the back, to prevent our backs soaking with our own sweat.
  • To adjust the different parts of the backpack as much as possible.
  • Covers, which will allow us to place a waterproof case to our bags and keep its contents dry in case of rain.

Later, it is recommended that our backpack be mimicked to the maximum with the environment in which we are going to move. If it is forested, do not bring a desert bag and similar, since the adaptive factor to that which surrounds us is usually an important factor.

What Do You Carry In Your Bag:

There are ten elements (each with their corresponding items) that can not be missed in your bag are:

  • Water or hydration
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Items for rest
  • Bags or covers
  • Lighting and batteries
  • Survival kit
  • Medical kit
  • Survival tools and knives

How Do I Organize All This In My Backpack:

As previously indicated, the decent bags carry several compartments inside. These compartments serve to locate things better and they do not move when we move. It is not a bad idea to buy several storage bags in which we can place similar things.

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The heaviest thing has to go in the bottom. That way, those things that are more delicate will not be crushed by their weight. In the same way, in the upper part we must place what we will need more immediately.

Try that the kit is placed on the outside of the outer pocket. This will facilitate access in case of need.

It is clear that each will carry the bag as comfortable as it is, but these tips are based on military experience for many years. In this way you can take your supplies in an organized manner and the bag  you carry will not become a rat’s nest, mixing some things with others and being more of a nuisance than anything else.

We hope that these tips have served you and that after reading them now you know a little better what are those things that should not be missing when you prepare your bag .