Printed Canvas Tote Bags

Customize Your Business With Printed Canvas Tote Bag

Tote Bags Screen-Printed With Gold Ink:

The popularity of  printed canvas tote bags has skyrocketed in recent years. They are the sensation of the moment, especially for the many possibilities of printing and use they offer. You only have to take a look at these tote bags.

Entrepreneurs like Abril Ribera, a young jewelry designer, trust to create canvas tote bags with their logo.

One ink screen printing is undoubtedly one of the cheapest methods of customization and also quality is always guaranteed. It allows us to reproduce logos, texts or relatively simple designs, without wefts or gradients.

Canvas Tote Bags:

canvas tote bags 500x500 - Printed Canvas Tote Bags

The manufacture and printing the canvas tote bags are done with flexography. The canvas tote bag is ecological alternative to the plastic bag. The printed canvas tote bag by made with 100% eco-friend ink. The graphic limitations of the bag is from 3,000 units x format in a period of 30-45 days.

Boutique And Luxury Type Tote Bags:

The canvas tote bags offering the best value for money on the market.

Tailor made according to the needs of each client. The highest quality is guaranteed for offset printing, hot-stamping, screen printing, UV, relief, etc. Wide range of supports and finishes that will make the canvas tote bag the most profitable one. The handle cord  are made with cotton rope, rubber, grip handle etc…

Printing Canvas Tote Bags In Serigraphy:

Customize your bags at a reasonable price with a 1-ink or 2-ink printing with the chosen pantone color. To personalize your bag, you have to buy two boxes. You can print any type of bag.

Printing Bags In Flexo Grafía:

Customize your bag with the most economical printing. Only one ink can be print with the range of colors that we detail below.

Bag With TNT Material:

The tote bag contain TNT material of 80 grams or 100 grams. You can make the measurements of the handles at your convenience, reinforcement of the stitching, plastic or metal button, and you can even make a zipper closure.

But these tote bags can be print with any of these other techniques:pu130118 001 1x t?$nlpv$ - Printed Canvas Tote Bags

  • Vinyl printing
  • Transfer printing
  • Pedrería printing

The bags are the good form of promotion for bands, businesses, events or associations. They are also an original and sustainable packaging for all kinds of products, now that no longer carry anything anti-ecological plastic bags. If in addition the design is showy and original you make sure that people reuse them: extra advertising!

The canvas tote bag can also be prepare in all types of materials, colours and sizes: document holders, shopping bags, gym bags, shoulder bags, backpacks or sports bags, among others.

Canvas Tote Bag Can Be Paint In Many Ways And With Different Methods:H14739W 4 d9be - Printed Canvas Tote Bags

  • Coloured waxes
  • Paint
  • Decoupage
  • Textile markers
  • Stamps
  • Beads

In printed canvas tote bags are also available in various shapes and sizes, far beyond the classic tote bags with long handles, such as mini bags, shopper bags or cotton bags.

The customizable bags you can choose raw color or colors, it all depends on the technique you are going to use to color them.

You first decide if you want the unprinted bags or the printed one, then choose the colour, design and size.

The bags with long handles to paint are a different gift and a different way to create art, which can also be used as a handbag or to go shopping.