The Quilted Crossbody Bag, Let’s Talk About It!

Quilted Crossbody Bag, What Is It?

The padded quilted crossbody bag is a bag which is designed in the style of the mythical bag. This is a bag whose surface is covered with a thin mattress, which may be leather, it is stitched in order to obtain both diamonds and padded effect.

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The Origins Of Quilted Bag:

The padded quilted bag is the signature of Chanel’s handbags. Chanel wanted to combine practicality and elegance. It’s a daring bet, but the goal is achieved: the padded quilted bag is chic and yet practical! It allows women to free their hands. Indeed, Gabrielle Chanel adds a chain as a shoulder strap. Thus, women could finally combine the chic and trend of the wallet.

How To Wear It:

The quilted bag combines chic with a city look but also with a refined style. It can be worn with almost anything, it is given the title “Best Friend of Women”. It is worn on day and night. It is quite possible to wear it on a blouse, a mini-skirt, shorts or jeans, however, in the evening on a long dress or a cocktail dress, the padded bag is also perfect.

Trending Women’s Handbags:

A favorite female accessory, without which the women cannot step out. Fashionable trends and preferences of each specific woman allow her to choose from the variety of products exactly the model that organically suits her image and mood.

Women’s wardrobe always has more than one or two handbags, many ladies collect this type of accessories and select them in a range of colors for various items of clothing.

Classic Bag Models:

Handbags of classic shape and color or genuine leather is the right decision for most situations. Classic does not go out of fashion and perfectly complements any image, except for sports. The strict lines and shapes of such bags are the ideal solution for the working women. Reserved colors of classic bags are the best option. The traditional black bag combines with many dresses for a business lady. The bag will last a long and successfully complements a  pantsuit or outfit with a classic skirt and a light blouse.

The classic rule is that the shoes should be in harmony with the bag, it allows for variations in the image. But it is worth when the shoes and the bag are combined in color, it always looks stylish and attractive.

To maintain a trendy look, it is desirable that the shade of the bag should be traced in another accessory or outfit.

Small Handbags:

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Women choose large handbags mainly for work and study, but small handbags complement the style when going for a walk, to the places of entertainment, and so on. Small bags are especially popular in spring and summer when girls and women do not want to burden themselves with large bags and heavy loads in them.

Red is one of the most beautiful color, but also dangerous in terms of compatibility with others. To create a harmonious style, it is recommended to combine a red bag with black, white, gray, blue garments and accessories, but variants are also possible.

A small handbag is not designed to accommodate large items in it, because even the necessary wallet does not fit into all models.


Sometimes ago,  clutches were chosen solely for visiting theaters, restaurants and similar establishments, now many girls and women use it to perform everyday tasks: going to the store, visiting a friend and so on. In a beautiful clutch, you can put the most necessary accessories: telephone , keys, money and a couple of items of cosmetics.

The color and uniform characteristics of clutch options are many. From the classic models made in one color to the original design solutions with the image of animals, colors and so on.

Quilted Bags:

Fabric bags and quilted models are designed for shopping, going to the gym, to the beach and so on. Some women manage to harmoniously combine such bags in other situations.

Quilted Leather Trend:

Each season has its motive: there was the trend of peas, the trend of flowers, the trend of tiles … Now, we love the quilted effect. Whether worn for day or night, with a casual outfit or with an evening outfit, it is trendy and elegant. So what to match it? What are our favorite pieces of quilted leather?

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For those who do not know how to use the quilted leather clothing, the perfect alternative is the quilted leather bag. It goes with absolutely everything! To a professional meeting, we love the padded leather bucket bag. This is worn with a little black dress like the short dress. A leisurely day, we prefer the quilted leather shoulder bag , worn with wide pants like  wool trousers , and a designer sweatshirt. Shopping day, we prefer a big bag like the quilted leather tote bag . It smells good in the summer

The Bags That Make Us Dream:

Being addicted to handbags is totally normal. They are practical, reflects our personality, and can enhance a simple outfit in the blink of an eye.

The Bucket Bag:

Simple and chic at the same time, the bucket bag is emblematic of the world of fashion. Since it instantly reminds us of iconic models. For the spring-summer, the bucket bag is back on the catwalks and in our wardrobes. And it is more modern than ever, adapting to all the trend looks of the season. To go to work, for example, we love the quilted leather bucket bag. It is worn with a flared top like long-sleeved blouse. For a more romantic look, choose the pink leather bucket bag. This is worn with a white dress or flounced sleeve dress , and a headband. Finally, for an outfit that sticks to the bohemian trend, we love the gray leather bucket bag, that we wear with wide women’s trousers and a fringed jacket like the perfect fringed leather.

The Micro Bag:

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Even smaller than a pocket , the micro bag allows you to take with you only the essential. It’s perfect for a night out, or slipping into a bigger bag after storing your keys and phone. For a city look, opt for the two-tone gray Insolent leather bag, worn with a women’s bomber and boyfriend jeans. For a summer outfit, we love the mini leather pouch, to match a shorts and a loose-cut top like the silk blouse or a long veil shirt . While waiting for summer, we’re left with a spring look with the triple clasp bag. It goes perfectly with a retro look : a ruffle dress like the mid-length dress ruffled in jeans and a short jacket like the short jacket.

The Shoulder Bag:

Whatever the trend, we always come back to the shoulder bag . Convenient when you want to be free with both hands (during a shopping trip, sightseeing, a concert …). We particularly love leather shoulder bag, whose jacquard patterns make us to travel. And that will carry us even more in the summer if it is worn with women’s shorts like high waist shorts. And a tank top or sleeveless top such as the Silk Sleeveless Top. For an outfit more adapted to the city, one breaks completely on the quilted leather shoulder bag. Chic and original, it gives pep’s to a serious outfit. That is to say a  jacket like the women’s suit jacket, and 7/8 pants.