Sewing Tote Bags: The Ultimate Guide

Sewing Tote Bags:

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Making a bag by yourself is not complicated, but before starting to sew the bag, you must know the main steps and some tips. In any case, make sure that you are using a good quality materials, otherwise your pretty bag may not stay for long time. Here we gave some simple guide for sewing tote bags.

1.Choose A Type Of Bag:

What type of bag do you want? A large bag, a small bag, a customized bag, a practical bag, a shoulder bag or a tote bag?

Depending on the thing you need to take, you can choose the bag. In the end, you will always have the same satisfaction: your bag will be handmade, sewn by yourself!

2.Obtain The Necessary Materials:

After chosen the materials you want to sew, go to a store to buy the sewing materials and accessories you need. Start by choosing a solid and thick outer fabric. Because, fine fabrics will not last over time.

3.Here Is The Basic Material:

  • Fabric or fabric coupon,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • A needle (quite strong depending on the thickness of the fabric) or a sewing machine/serger,
  • Pins,
  • Sewing thread matching the color of the bag,
  • Possibly tissue transfer paper,
  • Decorative elements for the customization of your bag,
  • Iron.

4.Cut The Fabric:

Before starting to cut, take the measurements to make sure that you do not go in the wrong way of stitching. If you are using a pattern, consider pinning it to the fabric for easy cutting.

5.Pin The Different Pieces Together:

Before the sewing step, you should pin all the pieces of fabric together. Because  it will help you to reduce the confusion during sewing the tote bag. And also this step will reduce the stitching time. Make sure that each pieces are in the right place.

If you feel difficult in the above step, you can also follow the temporary seams. They are easy to undo later, You can pre-sew by hand or machine.

6.Make The Seams:

If you like machine sewing, you can stitch most of the seams of your bag and overcast the machine. But some seams will have to be handmade.

7.Finally Add The Elements Of Your Choice:

  • zipped pocket,
  • bag handles,
  • zipper,
  • clasp

The Different Types Of Sewing Tote Bag Oneself:

Beach tote bag, travel tote bag, gym tote bag, reversible tote bag, foldable tote bag, shopping tote bag… The formats and styles are countless! Make your choice.

Sew A Beach Tote Bag:

All the accessories of the summer will fit in your beach tote bag: sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, towels, books …

Whether it is colorful, canvas or wicker, it will follow you everywhere. This is a very good sewing tutorial to create a large tote bag for the beach. You are free to choose other patterns according to your desires.

Here Is Our Selection:

While preparing the inside of the tote bag, try to use a cotton pad or oilcloth. Because those material help you to make easy design. Take inspiration from our tutorials to sew a pretty original tote bag. At the top of your tote bag, it is necessary to make a handle, which will help you to carry the tote bag. Finally, you must sew a handle, and that’s it, You made your own tote bag!

You can also try these bags such as beach tote bag, travel tote bag, gym tote bag, reversible tote bag, foldable tote bag, shopping tote bag.

How To Customize Or Sew A Tote Bag?

For every occasion and every style, your tote bag will Sign your creation!

What Is A Tote Bag?

A tote bag is a rectangular bag made of cotton fabric, usually white or unbleached. Originally, this “stuffed bag” was used as a cloth shopping bag.

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But for some time, the tote bag has become a trendy companion. It is Practical and accessible, it goes with all the styles. It can be used everywhere: on the beach, in the office or in the city to do some shopping.

You can create one in a few simple steps, or start from a plain white tote and customize it with some fabric paint, thread and needle, or sequins or beads.

How To Sew A Tote Bag?

Several sewing sites are available in online. Which will explain you how to make a tote bag in less than an hour, even when you start sewing.

In outline, to achieve the body of the bag, you will cut a piece of rectangular fabric, fold it in half, then cut two rectangular strips finer for the handles.

How To Customize A Tote Bag?

If you are not yet ready to start creating a tote bag, you can start by customizing one.

For example, you can write your favorite quote, print your lover’s photo, or decorate it with your favorite designs.

Embroidery, dyeing,stencils … A multitude of techniques are available to you!