Stylish Red Shoulder Bag For Girls

Classic Red Shoulder Bag:

The vibrant color of the red carpet has already earned a place of prominence in the color chart of summer 2018. Elected as the tonality of the year, the red and its nuances continues to exude sensuality out there, leaving warm looks neutral and discreet. The color that goes back to love is also drawing sighs in the collection Alto Summer 2018 Carmen Steffens. With so many productions and powerful pieces, it’s impossible not to fall in love with every red shoulder bag ! Come check it out!

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Even in monochromatic looks, this model will leave any occasion even more special. And speaking of vibrant looks, what about this wonderful overalls? To be without words is easy, since the neckline and the crevices are really to leave anyone dazzled. If you are looking for that powerful Peep Toe, just find the perfect option!

3 Red Bags For You To Rust:

Red is trend! And betting on the warmer color of the summer 2019 palette can turn your basic look into a much more modern and funky production. Provocative, sophisticated and warm are some of the characteristics that make us fall in love with the color and the tone shine even more in the season.

Super, versatile, and the color looks beautiful with any skin tone, it is eclectic and easy to harmonize with the most varied looks, if combined with the white to the color it gains modern ares, with the black we can consider a classic double, with the jeans it is great to be used in day to day life, monochrome is the perfect choice for those who like to dare.

This is almost impossible not to be charmed by the charm of red, and a good alternative for those who want to get into this fashion is to bet on accessories, such as bags. The red bags are perfect for renewing the classic look in something more sophisticated and differentiated, they are accessory type friend, that is ready to be taken at any time and for you to have in the closet for life.

Want to bet on this trend? We separate a guide with 3 red bags for you to use on different occasions:

Schutz Crossbody Red Bag:

It is good size and practicality, one of the schutz bestsellers that features all structured shape, internal divisions to make things more organized and can be carried in both the shoulder strap and as the smaller wallet.

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In red color this bag appears as the ideal recipe for an instant up in your casual look. Perfect to wear during the week, and great to combine with light-colored monochrome productions, such as all White.

Schutz Red Pouch Bag:

This is also known as a belt bag, provides those who use a lot more practicality, comfort and a street style. In a sophisticated red leather version, it’s perfect for you to carry only what you need without worrying about it, because it will always stick to you.

The red belt bag is ideal for a more loose and uncomplicated production, super easy to use and perfect for the most varied combinations, it is great to be used at the weekend.

Schutz Red Backpack Bag:

Comfort, style and functionality are some of the characteristics of the backpack bag that is the protagonist of looks full of attitude. With great interior space, it’s perfect for women who like to carry everything inside a bag.

The red backpack bag is ideal for use in casual times and travel as well as in work and academic environment.

Learn how to use the ideal bag model for every occasion:

If there is an indispensable item in the women’s closet, it’s the bag. The accessory has proven in every way that is essential, both to store our belongings and to give a look up. The purse model you use will transform your look.

And if you are passionate about purses, you may have noticed that the option is not lacking. It is for all tastes – large, small, made of leather, fabric, colored or discreet. But the question that does not want to remain silent is: how to find the right bag model for every occasion?

Evening purse model:

Regardless if you’re balancing or going out at night only on special occasions – as soon as a nightly event comes up, bet on the smaller models. That’s it!

In these programs, it is advisable to carry with you only the essentials. An excellent tip is to use the small models, such as those of shoulder or transverse, which give more freedom to your arms at night.

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To enhance the look of the ballad or a special dinner, prefer the options with chain strap, which are great to make the production even more charming.

Now, for a graduation or wedding, the clutches cannot be left out! Choose a model of bright and festive bag or made from a noble fabric, as is the case with satin.

Another option of purse model are the velvet pockets, a material that is super high. Metallic and embroidery applications with stoneware also fit very well for those moments.

Product suggestion:

Clean, charming and compact: this is the Red Transverse Bag with Chain Strap . Ideal for enriching the production, the model has a structured and smooth design, which combines well with textured parts. A luxury!

Scholarship for work and college:

Both the work environment and the college ask for more neutral and discrete models. Are you one of those people who carry the world inside the bag?

If yes, prefer to use the more structured pieces, with resistant materials, and medium or large size. Choose the material according to your taste and style – it can be made of starched fabric, leather or ecological leather.

Note the tip: for the accessory to be versatile and to offer maximum practicality in your daily life, it is best to invest in neutral color models.

Shades like black, brown, caramel and navy blue are easy to match with several looks. Have you tired of the sober combinations? Reserve a cheerful little model to use on days when you feel more stripped down!

Product suggestion:

With an earthy hue, the Beige Cross-buckle Bag with Buckle is ideal for adding charm to the office look. The piece is also composed of an adjustable handle, which allows adjustment according to your needs.

Use the bags in your favor:

The bag does not have to be the same color as the clothes and other accessories, but it is imperative that it deal with the rest of the look at least in terms of style / concept.

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When you wear colorful handbags in shades of coral, lime, Klein blue, yellow, green or red, choose to balance the look with clothes in neutral tones such as nude, raw, black and white. The ideal is to have only one focal point in composition.

Do not overdo the colors and sizes of purses in the corporate day-to-day!

If you’re wearing sneakers, opt for sportier purses, such as “bag” style bags or even backpacks.

During the day, it is worth using small, medium and large bags, but always keep an eye on the proportions. At parties and other social events, the best request is to invest in small handbags, wallets and clutches.