Summer Camp Duffle Bags

Perfect Camp Duffle Bags For Your Summer Camp!

Today we talk about camp and more specifically the content of the camp duffle bags! Because most often when you go to the camp, it is important to organize yourself. And it is the time to prepare the camp duffle bag to carry all your things for the summer camp.

To keep your good resolutions and stay motivated you surely need to find the right equipment. To store your things, it is necessary to have a bag adapted to your needs. This bag help you to prepare your things. During packing, It use to avoid your stress. We gave the list for the perfect camp duffle bag. This way you will have an idea to choose the best. But the list varies according to the camp or activity center.

Golden Rules:

The duffle bag has to be light! It is important to remember all the essentials and also it should not overload your bag. We recommend that you use a duffle bag instead of a backpack or large suitcase. This bag must adapt to your height. You can also write your name in front of the bag. So, it will be more secure.

Objects that may not be allowed: electronic games, music players, knives, sweets, food, jewelry, cotton swabs.

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Have To Carry?

It is better to avoid clothes that deteriorate easily during the camp. Identify everything! In order to avoid wasting time in searching everything.

Things must be in camp duffle bag:

Water: should have glass bottle to avoid using disposable plastic bottles: a more sustainable solution that respects the environment.

Care kit: Deodorant, shower gel, facial lotion, dry shampoo, lip balm. You can also bring your makeup kit if needed.

A small snack: You can also take a cereal bar, or dried fruit, nuts and fruit.

A Multifunction Camp Duffle Bag:

To go on a weekend with friends or to go for a trip, the duffel camp bags is your best ally. This bag is very versatile and practical. This camp duffle bags will be able to accompany you everywhere. The print and the fabric color make it a trendy bag that combines easily with all styles. The duffel camp bags are designed with a quality fabric, which will allow to withstand the weight.

Practical side, the duffel bag has an adjustable shoulder strap to adjust it to the way you want to wear it. A patch pocket is located at the front of the bag. It keep everything you need at hand. Inside the bag, it contain many compartment to organize your bag.

The Time To Make The Bag:

Arming the bag can be a stressful one. We recommend that you to put everything on the bed. So, it will be much easier to visualize everything that you want to put in your camp duffle bag.

Example Based On This Hypothesis: 

North Face Base Camp Duffel:

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Whether it’s a day camp or a day out with the family, The north face base camp duffel bags are extremely versatile. This bag is really suitable one for everyone. The bag contain a large main pocket, where you can store a ball or a book or a lunch etc…

Summer Camp Soft Duffle Bag:

BJP1 2 - Summer Camp Duffle Bags

The Summer camp soft duffle bag is the ideal bag to introduce for hiking and outdoors. As this is a miniature version of the classic Summer camp soft duffle bag. It has many features, but particularly it is very practical to wear. It contain plenty of pockets to store all the things you need. When wearing this bag, even in the forest you can spot everyone quickly. It also contain a whistle and reflective tape. It is perfect for the active children, who eager for discovery and love to follow their parents in their adventures.

Scout Camp Duffle Bag:

74843 - Summer Camp Duffle Bags

Scout camp duffle bag is made of recycled products with Spin-dye coloration that does not contain any chemical.

The bag is available in a wide variety of colors. It is so practical, robust and comfortable to wear. It is the perfect companion for holiday camps. A wide zipper on the top allows you to access the bag easily. It also contain a side pockets to store your pencils, water bottle and trinkets.

The Positive Points :

It contain ,

  • Separate access between the water bag and the storage compartment (super-convenient for refueling) – used with a high speed UltraSpire water bag .
  • a very large central pocket (mesh extensible) storage where you can store all the necessary equipment for trails up to 100 km and two small compartments scratch that can accommodate a laptop, a survival blanket, etc.
  • very practical zippers for closures
  • a quick opening for the chest strap
  • whether they are telescopic or stranded, It contain three possibilities for hanging poles.
  • integrated whistle.
  • possibility water pocket (with integrated passage to guide the pipe and avoid swaying) or two cans that can be used in complementary pockets for food.
  • two large bags under the cans for your solid refuelings.
  • two side pockets above cans to store gels, foods.
  •  an aggressive and eye-catching look.

In Conclusion :

This bag is very good value for money but pay attention on the choice of size. This bag is prohibited for people whose size is less than 1.70 m. It is light and very practical to wear. Duffle bag has a great storage space, it will be very useful for your long trips and your long trails. In short, this bag perfectly integrates the spirit that I had already been able to identify at CAMP, light weight at a affordable price.