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Winning a tennis match often involves a multitude of details. Experienced players know the essential things to take in their tennis tote bag. When they forget to take any things, which can cause you to lose your concentration.

Making your bag correctly with thing (Spare textile, carefully prepared rackets, proper papers, drink… ) will get into the best mood for playing.

Ideally, a tennis tote bag should be prepared the day before the game. If this is not possible, always allow enough time to remember everything. It is important that this bag is prepared by you.

My bag is always more or less ready to use, I just need to check quickly that everything is in place. In fact, the most effective way is to have a list handy so you don’t have to make any unnecessary memory effort: your brain will be stressed enough during the game.

The Tennis Tote Bag:

This bag must have several compartments that are neatly stored because you need to access everything you need during the game.

Without going into too much technical detail, good quality tennis tote bags are insulated to protect the equipment from the elements.

My personal organization is as follows:

  • The first compartment is use for my rackets.
  • The second compartment is use for my change of clothes, towel, water bottles and a small tote bag.
  • The third compartment is use for my shoes, balls and possibly food. The small outer pocket is used for my bandanas.

The Tennis Racket Compartment:

Save yourself from unnecessary stress and prepare your rackets before the game.

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You must go into the game with at least two strung rackets. Packing your bag is also a good opportunity to check the condition of your equipment.

Also check the condition of your over grips and change them if necessary. Experience shows that changing grip within the time limit of the side change requires a high degree of manual dexterity. A badly placed over grip, will cause you to move your concentration and you will then play…like a stick.

Purchase tennis tote bag with at least two frames of the same model. It is absolutely not a luxury to know that you will have the same weight in your hand, the same balance, the same reactions to the impact if you change racket.

The Second Compartment:wilson tote pink website - Tennis Tote Bag For Sports Person

Take a changing cloth with you. If you have the opportunity, taking a shower immediately after exercise in the club, where you play. It give more pleasant and also speeds up your recovery.

You can also bring a T-shirt or polo shirt to put on in the third set to gain mental freshness and feel like a new player at the end of the game (method explained by Brad Gilbert in his book Winning Ugly).

Don’t forget the towel (clean is it worth mentioning!), which will be use to sponge you and the two bottles of water that will be use to re-hydrate you for side changes. Two bottles of water may be required if the temperature is high and the match lasts. In cold weather, you can take a sleeveless sweater and a pair of sports tights.

The Third Compartment:

Ideally you have two pairs of tennis shoes in your bag in addition to the one you are wearing. One pair is new (or almost new), the other is more worn. When you buy a new pair of tennis shoes, don’t wait until your current shoes are completely worn. Don’t throw away your old shoes. Having a pair with a practically smooth and comfortable sole, such as a pair of Charentais, can be very useful if you are playing on a sticky or abrasive surface. If you start a blister with your new shoes, your pair of old slippers can save you the day.

The Tote Bag Kit:

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This tote bag kit, which I place in the second compartment, includes the small equipment needed to maintain the rackets.

For the player’s comfort, You can take blister tape and dressings. These two accessories have been very useful in case of skin heating or small bleeding.

You can also put tissues, high-protection sunscreen and deodorant in this kit.

The most essential is the copy of the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of tennis, including in competition. Don’t forget the checkbook to pay for tournament registration.

In Addition To All This:

In addition to that, take a notebook, a pencil, a stopwatch (for side changes) and a one-dollar coin (in case of a dispute over the draw).

Thus your tennis tote bag is also a testimony of your history in competition with new objects that take place after the match stories experienced.