The Best Designer Messenger Bag

Being a fan of the designer messenger bag, I just heard lots of advantages over other bags. By cons, I found that 15 inches bag was quite bigger. Here i will explain how to choose the best designer messenger bag.

Unboxing Designer Messenger Bag (Unpacking):

While opening the package , I  just discovered that the packaging of the bag Peak design messenger bag is always respected as well. The packing of the bag is very neat. They used recycling cover for packing the messenger bag.

My Choice Between The 15-Inch Version And The 13-Inch Version:

Everyday I need a practical shoulder bag, I need to take a second backpack for the day. Even if the backpacks are very stylish, I do not like to have this style of high school student everyday. Finally, I found the bag which matches my taste. Now, I can take my backpack when I want to shoot with my Canon 6D. The reflex is heavy, I think the backpack is really great to relieve the back pain.

So as I have a 2nd case, I need a bag that allows me to have it in my hand without suffering back pain. Since the Peak Design sling is pretty tight at the chest and back, I wanted other things that stick to my style and this messenger design bag is seemed obvious to me.


The dimension of  the messenger design bag 13-inch version is 38 x 27 x 12 cm while the 15-inch version is 43 x 30 x 18 cm .

The 13-inch version of  Design messenger is expandable from 6L to 14L.

The 15-inch version of  Design messenger is expandable from 8L to 18L.

There seems to be little difference, but when you see the bag worn you think you better understand why Design has released a smaller bag. Plus their range is called Everyday.

My Opinion:

Receiving the messenger design bag, I tell myself that the 13-inch model is already big enough to carry everything. I’m looking at sorting my stuff and testing it a bit, I think, would not the 15 inch be better?

a 79104 300x300 - The Best Designer Messenger Bag

I try to convince myself  by saying that the bag is already big enough to carry my stuff and that I do not need to lug around to be effective but the model 15 inches trots in the head anyway until I say that if I want to get out of the heavier gear I only have to take the backpack, the messenger design bag is only there to carry my everyday affairs, mobile phone, wallet, camera, small tripod and that the partitions are completely removable! So there is no point in taking bigger! Unless for you it is to carry all the gear!

The problem is that the more material you take the less you can be effective. It’s sure that it’s good to have everything to wear, but it’s better to focus on the essentials when we make a photo release. So this bag is so easy to carry everything.

According to your needs choose the designer messenger bag. If it’s to carry a SLR with lenses, then the 15-inch version might be more suitable for you. If like me you only need your everyday business and just a camera + 1 lens that’s enough. The bag can become bulky when you take something too big.

Here Is What I Put In My Messenger Design Bag 13 Inches:

  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • X100S  camera for the moment ( X-T20 coming soon ) + LEASH Peak Design strap
  • Manfrotto Pixi EVO  Tripod
  • Sunglasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Tissue
  • Camera battery x2
  • Iphone charging cable
  • Iphone earphone
  • Tic tac + chewing gum
  • Tylenol
  • USB key
  • Keys

The Designer messenger bag has pocket on the sides . For example, we can hang it our key on their sides.

There is still a bit of room, but not so much, maybe to put a small goal. Anyway everything is adjustable in the bag Designer messenger bag. But it is not suitable to carry heavy luggage.

The 13-inch version is best because the 15 inches would be too big and I feel like carrying a suitcase everyday.

Here is a comparison of the Peak Design messenger model CHARCOAL (BLACK)

Peak Design messenger 15 VS Peak Design messenger 13:

One would think that the 13 is very small next door and that one would absolutely want the biggest, but believe me the 13 is already big enough and enough for a messenger. It’s just that putting them side by side one seems too big and the other is too small. You just have to see the dimensions and keep what suits you according to your habits.


CONV RMSP 1024x1024 300x300 - The Best Designer Messenger Bag
  • VELCRO detachable / detachable compartment
  • Organize the bag as you want
  • The quality of the fabric
  • The clip system on the sides to attach the keys
  • Clip flap system
  • The shoulder strap of very good quality
  • Carrying the bag over the shoulder, shoulder, shoulder strap high in the back, by hand


  • More quantity cannot be carry.
  • No indication or explanation that the strap can come off to carry the bag to the right or left.


The Designer messenger bag is already the bestseller brand (best selling), the 15-inch version is a bit big for my use, I headed naturally to the 13-inch model released after the 15-inch version. I looked at the dimensions of this bag and it suits me perfectly. This bag is quite mixed! Why not evolved can be later to the 15-inch version if the needs change, but my bag Peak Design Backpack is there otherwise. To know that wearing a big bag in winter is better than in summer t-shirt.

I tried to get my Canon 6D inside, it comes without problems but against all my everyday affairs, I can only return a lens already mounted on the case. I made the Canon 6D with the 16-35mm F4L , although that’s not why I bought the item.

You’ll understand, the Designer messenger bag is really a very good bag, the quality of the bag is good for my quantity. In addition the brand Designer messenger bag offers the guarantee for life and that’s a very good sign.