Tips To Buy Beach Totes Bulk

Buy Trendy Beach Totes Bulk:

The beach bag has always been a must for the summer. Indeed, it prevents us from damaging or filling sand with our beloved handbag. In addition, we store sunscreen and magazines, or even sunglasses … In short, it allows us to carry our essentials for our greatest happiness!

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We have selected for you the most trendy beach bags this summer. Because yes, the beach bag is a true fashion accessory as the said Cosmopolitan , and give style to your most beautiful seaside outfits.

The Beach Tote Bag:

The tote is the most popular form of beach bag! It is for its practical and timeless side that you will love to wear it. They can opt for ethnic tote raphia colorful patterns.

The Wicker Basket Beach Bag:

The wicker basket is extremely trendy this summer! Your customers will love this must-have for a bohemian chic look. Because this beach bag will be revisited and embellished with fringes. These small details will bring modernity to this basic.

The Cloth Beach Bag:

The cloth beach bag is also 100% fashionable this season. In a catch-all spirit, it will delight your customers who will adopt it for its imitation rope handle and its pretty message “Take me to the beach”. Because if the message t-shirts are very trendy, the bags too!

Do not hesitate to offer the most trendy beach bags to your customers, which you can find right now in the Leather Goods at wholesale price section.

How To Customize Beach Bag: DIY Ideas:

How to Customize Beach Bag : Find here step-by-step ideas to give new face to the bags you already have! Get in the way and make it yourself!

It may be easier than it seems to parade on the beach with a bag that is in tune with the trends of summer. That is: let’s go to the closet to see a purse or basket in colorful and creative!

How To Customize Beach Bag: Ideas To Create:

Time to create a DIY with lots of style and creativity. Do not even say that you have no skills, because in this case, what you need is glue and references! In addition to materials as wool, patchwork, griddle yarn, key chain and other appliques that enjoy. Let’s look at customization ideas?

Colorful And Initial  Appliques :

It is fashionable to have the initial of your name stamped on the bag or as it applies. The solution is easy! In the chosen bag, whether of straw, or fabric, make a stencil with fabric paint with your letter. Just cut the letter into a thick paper and paint inside. Or, sew the letter cut into the fabric or felt. Patch’s are worth it too!

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Ribbons, Pompoms And Attachments:

To leave your bag or basket with the face of the moment, you will need to gather hot glue and some materials. Choose colored ribbons, pieces of fabric and griddle yarns. Skirt around the bag at the top & bottom and glue the chosen material with hot glue. For the handle, it’s cool to wrap around and just knot the ends.

Tip: Items Required In Your Beach Bag:

Summer arrives, or at least a little sun comes up, and it already has that desire to run to the beach to get a color and take a dip in the sea. And always at the time of travel beats that doubt: what for the suitcase? Light clothes, comfortable shoes and a hat or cap are indispensable. But it’s also worth investing in a beach bag equipped with a real survival kit for the summer. Hence, just put on your best bikini or swimwear and head for the sun!

Summertime Fun Rides:

The very first required item on any beach or pool bag is water. Yes, because moisturizing in the summer is super important, and even if you plan to take something in the sand, it’s always good to have your own bottle close by. Drinking water constantly is a basic health care, and in summer you can not neglect it.

Daylight Savings Time: Do Not Miss Your Flight:

Speaking of basic care, sunscreen is also indispensable. The recommendation is to use one with a protection factor of at least 15 for tan and black skins. This is because the concern is not only with burns but also with the premature aging and skin cancer. If you are more white, bet even on SPF 50, and avoid sunbathing all day.

Travel During Pregnancy: Practical Tips:

Anyone who wants to get a color can also choose a suntan lotion – there are many brands in the market that besides protecting against the sun damage, still guarantee a golden skin. Bronzing oils are usually rich in beta-carotene, the substance responsible for the production of melanin that gives color to the skin. The greater the amount of Vitamin A in the skin, the more melanin it will produce in contact with the sun, so the oil increases the tanning capacity. But beware of excesses. The recommendation is to always one by one.

The Best Options Of Beaches Of The Paulista Coast:

Also do not forget your hair and lips, which also need adequate protection. Creams that protect the wires from UVA / UVB rays and have a lighter texture, in spray version for example, are a great choice for hair. Already for the lips, invest in a bat shield, with vitamins, oils and ceramides, and reapply frequently.

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In addition to taking care of health, it pays to put some accessories in the bag, to give a up in the visual. Stylish hats and sunglasses fit well for men and women! In addition, the women’s wardrobe still have room for a colored canga or a light beach exit, and a small pouch to carry cash and documents without having to carry the entire wallet. Comb and accessories like elastics and clips, help keep hair tidy after that dip.