Tips To Carry Leather Shoulder Bag

The Leather Shoulder Bag:

And here is our leather shoulder bag. This model offers a lot of space and it is very practical with its shoulder strap. In addition it is not bulky and leaves your hands free which is a considerable asset! This black leather men’s bag is of very good quality and it can be worn with any type of men’s clothing. So if you opt for a leather shoulder bag, this is the bag for you!

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In terms of handbags, the bag is classified in the list of must-haves. Its specific shape gives it a well-defined style that depends on the material in which it is made and the colors and patterns it displays. This makes it a strong part of the outfit that deserves to be given with thought to avoid the missed look.

History Of The Shoulder Bag:

The first prehistoric handbags, made of animal skin they already allowed the transport of food and tools. Later this type of bag is always essential in the life of the man and whatever his style is. Nowadays we have updated the famous bag to adopt the shoulder strap, more modern form of it in the end.

What Style Does The Wallet Give To Your Outfit:

We have seen the bag comes from a popular universe. In fact, the bag is a bag that is usually associated with a casual style. It is thus very easily found in hippie style outfits, bohemian, fighter.

Yet since the beginning of 2010 she has seen her style evolve. Luxurious models in stiff or colored leather have made their appearance. Giving the wallet a more chic look is quickly adopted by many women.

We Now Distinguish 2 Universes According To The Type Of Wallet That We Have:

The Casual / Bohemian Style:

The wallet is generally made of a flexible material and it retains this flexibility when worn which gives it its characteristic shape slightly curved U. It can be soft leather, waterproof canvas, velvet, jeans. .. It can be united camel colors, burgundy, navy, khaki … or more colorful with ethnic inspirations. Its colors are then rather in sober and dark shades: brown, burgundy, khaki, … It can also be embellished with accessories that give it volume: pines, nails, flowers, fringes, feathers, … and accentuate its casual side.

The Chic / City Style:

The wallet is made in a very rigid leather, its shape is fixed and will not move. It can be camel solid color, brown, burgundy or bi or tricolor or with assemblies of geometric patterns generally large sizes and colors: several pastel shades, or several sober shades, … The buckery is worked, shiny and visible to accentuate the chic effect: large gold or silver turnstile clasp, engraved magnetic clasp, etc.


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Very few women can afford to carry their bag cross-over without depreciating their figure. Only the androgynous silhouette, which is very small, can do it. And the bag is very badly crossed by many. The wallet should be worn straight down the leg or slightly off-center on the back of the thigh.

Wearing too high:

The wallet is rather low. Depending on the style of the outfit it will be worn either just under the hips or mid thighs. The bag that is worn lowest to the mid-thigh is the most feminine bag and the most rewarding one. Especially for soft wallets.

The messenger bag is a multi-hats handbag that can fit on several occasions. Practical, timeless and relaxed, there is no doubt that it will continue for a long time to seduce active women. Each wallet has its personality and it is necessary to take it into account to ingest it in a universe that corresponds to it.

How To Wear And Carry Your Bag Over The Shoulder:

The shoulder bag is a must have thing this year, it is pretty, practical and suitable for all situations, contrary to popular belief! At work, day, night or vacation, the shoulder bag is all terrain, just choose well and especially to associate well.

The Trendy Urban Version Of The Shoulder Bag:

The shoulder bag as it is the perfect bag for the day, because it is often wide enough to play the role of tote and can have everything in hand. In addition, the fact of having the cross strap allows to start the weight on the back which is not negligible when you have a bag that is little heavy. For the day choose a large soft leather bag that you can associate with slim jeans and beautiful leather boots. It is a trendy urban casual look. For those who want to have a little more classic touch, opt for a pair of heeled shoes and a blazer arched. It will be superb!

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The Vintage Version In Festival:

For fans of the vintage look, then you will also find your happiness with the shoulder bag. This time it will no longer be a large wallet but a small leather bag in the seventies cut with a long shoulder strap. It will be quite small and light, so you can wear it across or on one shoulder without risking scoliosis. It’s a chic and elegant bag that you can wear during the day or in the evening not forgetting a little retro touch. Like a scarf in your hair or XXL sunglasses.

The Shoulder Bag For Evening:

Who says that the shoulder bag is not worn on an evening dress? Of course, you just have to size the bag with the occasion. If you choose a wallet, it should be smaller than your bag of the day and especially do not hesitate on color, glitter, rhinestones … It’s time to be original and showy with surprising patterns. A sack bag in the evening is too casual, can give the opposite impression that you are not dressed.

Put Your Bag Across The Body:

To properly choose your shoulder bag and wear it, it is important to know your personality and the look you want. There are indeed different styles and some are suitable for different occasions. For example, the large wallet are not too suitable for office clothes, especially the suit or with very formal dresses. Instead, they are better suited with casual clothes. casuals for everyday life, for the weekend, outings for shopping, to go on vacation. It suits a chic style when worn on the shoulder and not across and its noble material or unique piece make it an exceptional fashion accessory. The shoulder straps that are suitable for wearing with formal clothes are those that are smaller. Opt for one in a solid color, without reason, to go to the office for example.

How To Wear A Shoulder Bag:

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Already the shoulder bag is very practical, it will prevent you from overflowing. The bag has become essential to avoid this because it must be said when the pockets are full then everywhere it really looks awful and in addition deforms the pants. To carry a wallet or sling the best is to pass it across your body and position it on the side. The wallet should be positioned at the level of your hips, if the size is too low. It will clutter you, if it is too high it will not be very elegant so pay attention to the height of the bag. Do not wear the bag on your elbow. For more style wear on the shoulder with the shoulder strap.