Ultimate Guide To Choose A Best Small Messenger Bag?

Small Messenger Bag- The Companion For Day-To-Day Life:

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I’ve been thinking to buy a small messenger bag. My Roccat ROC bag, is going to be 3 years old. I realized that it was not satisfied for me. Because, it was quite big. I searched lot of bag, and here is my opinion about the best small messenger bag.

The small messenger bag can fit with the notebook with up to 15 “, a tablet with about 10”. It  should also have space for camera and lenses, hard drive, power bank and charging cable, as well as a power adapter for the PC.

 I actually wanted a leather messenger bag, because i really like to take more stuff. But then I have a few suggestion, which is so far extremely satisfying with this bag.

Outside Around The Bag:

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From the top you can see two zippers. One opens the rear compartment and another opens the inner compartment, where you can place a notebook and a tablet. The Messenger bag which I have, can able to fit laptops and other things. This is firstly too big and secondly too thick, but I was already aware of that before.

The second zipper, opens inside the bag. If you are traveling with a camera, this is one of the best choice. However, it takes a little practice, until you can take the camera smoothly without any difficulty at the opening. But after a few “practice” sessions, it actually works quite well.

On the back side of the messenger bag there is a small pocket on the left and on the right. On the left, there is a strap with a small pocket. These can be connect at the front around the belly. So the bag offers more stability. Depending on how it is worn, the belt can also be attach to the main carrying strap.

There are also two small pockets on the left and right sides. In the right pocket (viewed from the front) you can take things like pen, pencil etc… On the left side pocket, you can take umbrella, water bottle.

Inner Life:

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And with that we come to the inner life. At the bottom of the flap contain elongated flap. You can take laptop and other accessories comfortably with this messenger bag. There is a zipper in the flap, so this is another “small” bag. For example, I put the charging cables for my devices down there.

Without the included Trenner, the small messenger can be used as a normal bag. You can also fold the separators with smaller lenses, if you use the bag purely for photograph. You can go with the large bag which have enough space for 2 × 2 lenses or 1 × 2 lenses and 1 × 1 (tele). In any case, small messenger bag is best for a normal photo trip.

At the very front there is again a compartment which is closed with a zipper. In that one can take several SD cards, camera batteries, an external hard drive and the charger for notebook.


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The material of the messenger bag is water repellent and can be easily wipe with a wet washcloth or cloth. The zippers are also water repellent. At the bottom there is another material, so that you can leave the bag with any situation.

The handle and the zippers were worked with leather. Which gives a very nice contrast. It feels good and looks good, I definitely like it.

The shoulder strap is made of the same material as the seat belt in a car. It is very robust – and it looks definitely good too.


I’ve been using the small messenger for a few weeks now. I usually have my notebook, and tablet with it. Camera and external hard drive, as well as charger, SD cards and camera batteries are now actually my standard equipment. This fits everything easily in the bag and it is even more compact than its predecessor.

I am very satisfied and enthusiastic about the little thing and would definitely buy it again.