A Best EDC Messenger Bag

The Bag Of Everyday Life:EDC, the bag of everyday life

EDC means Every Day Carry. This messenger bag allows you to carry your thing that you want to always be with you, and some useful objects in everyday life. The content is important (balance between the number of really useful objects and the weight that you can wear comfortably). The choice of the container is also important (solidity, easy access, look everywhere). I tested several bags for my EDC, mostly Maxpedition brand but quickly (two years anyway). I returned to my “old” Filson bag in oiled cotton and leather. Here the article give you to choose the best EDC messenger bag, and I will explain the reasons for this choice and give you a complete feedback on the different EDC I could have.


Vertex EDC Courier:

The advantages are obvious, the 1000 denier nylon is solid, water-repellent (not waterproof) and lightweight.

The first drawback is the typical para-military look or “urban warrior” … not really what I’m looking for if I want to do “low profile” in the city.

Secondly, the compartmentalisation of the vertex EDC courier bags is so rich that one easily forgets in which pocket they stored their handkerchief or flashlight, in a situation of stress. The brain favors simple actions, this is clearly not an advantage.

Accessibility is not optimal, too tight once loaded EDC courier bags are too deep and not wide enough for good visibility of objects.My bag now contains my trapping kit and I finally sold the bag.

Vanquest Skitch-15:

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The benefits are obvious. First, I have already explained in a previous article, the reassuring strength of vanquest skitch bags made of oil-resistant cotton with abrasion and cuts and very soft leather. Thick (I do not know which animal can give a leather of this thickness!).

Secondly, the accessibility of the objects in the bags is a very large “carry bag type of reporter”.

Third advantage is not least, the look goes everywhere, a little vintage, which does not attract attention.

Vanquest skitch bags, if well maintained and regularly oiled, are perfectly water repellent and waterproof (but not waterproof), Resin wax for cotton and beef hoof oil for leather.

The only drawback that I see in vanquest skitch bag lies in the empty weight of the bag (1300 g). But this weight is forgotten quickly everyday (I use it on foot or by bike without any problem).

The Contents :

  • Identity papers.
  • Phone.
  • Means of payment (cash and card).
  • 1 pack of tissue paper (in case of cold of course but can also serve as a makeshift dressing, lit lighter, toilet paper, paper towels …).
  • A first aid kit (very rudimentary with dressings, disinfectant, paracetamol, surgical gloves, a lighter).
  • A rope of 10 meters (max tension 200 pounds).
  • A pair of work gloves.
  • A flashlight (fenix LD20)
  • Multifunctional pliers (Leatherman Wave)
  • a small knife with fixed blade (IZULA from ESEE).
  • A notebook, pens.
  • 3 or 4 dust masks.
  • 2 lighters.
  • A Shemag (piece of cotton)
  • A gourd of 1/2 liter transparent Nalgène.

Here are some pictures of the different EDCs that I used for several months. Now I have been testing a new backpack using EDC..

EDC Stachel:

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When i ride my bike, mostly i use this type of bag, but I also use it for family weekends (its modular volume is suitable for different uses).

In fact this messenger bag has an original closure system: if you need to wear little things just roll the top of the bag to the maximum but to carry more material you can raise the amount of fabric wound, its capacity goes from 20 liters to almost 40 liters maximum.

The carrying of this bag is done by one cotton straps quite wide and very comfortable. The bag remains in place during activities, it does not swing and remains very comfortable even for long walks. As always at EDC stachelr the bottom of the bag is doubled for maximum strength. On the sides of the bag we find two pockets without closure to slide small objects (phone, lamp, gloves …). The interior simply consists of a large tote pocket and a small zipped pocket (for papers and small items).

Soon The Photos And Test Results:

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