Vintage Leather Messenger Bag For Men

7 Features For A Vintage Leather Messenger Bag:

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These bags passionate about the history of fashion and past collections to know the joy of finding a vintage leather messenger bag. But calm: instead of getting carried away by the excitement of finding the bag, look well at the piece and reflect: is it an original item?

  1. Materials:

The materials used are of excellent quality. While most counterfeiters use synthetic leather in imitations, luxury brands use legitimate leather with quality treatment. The material is very sturdy and has great durability, presenting a wonderful aging even after years. If the texture pattern of the leather is too repetitive, it is an indication that the piece may be an imitation. Another common feature of purse copies are glue residues, as counterfeits are usually glued rather than sewn.

  1. Monogram:

Each piece made with monogram print shows patterned alignment and symmetry. The meeting of prints at the seams and application of pockets always respects the pattern. If the evaluated bag has a crooked and asymmetric pattern, it is likely to be false.

  1. Reliefs:

The matte is the perfect fit of the patterns from all angles (at the side of the bag with the body, the sides and the application of pockets) and it is noticeable.

  1. Metals And Fasteners:

Pay close attention to the metals and fasteners of the parts. The materials are of excellent quality and do not peel over time, retain their luster and are usually heavy. In addition, the zippers continue to operate properly, even after many years of use. They slide easily and do not wrap around the lining or the bag.

  1. Seams And Stitches:

The seams and stitches are always clean and uniform, without loose wires. In the case of Louis Vuitton handbags, the straps have the same number of seams on both sides.

  1. Authenticity Code And Labels:

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Several brands feature authenticity code engraved on the part, but this is not a rule for all brands, nor for all models. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are brands that use the artifice inside every handbag to strengthen the identity of authenticity. The lack of the code of authenticity is not a decisive factor in identifying whether the purse is original. Chanel, for example, started inserting these details into its handbag productions from the 1980’s on wards.

  1. Hologram (For Chanel Products):

Chanel bags have a hologram located on a flap inside the pouch, covered with a plasticized aluminum with the serial number, which determines when the bag was produced. These numbers usually have 7 to 8 digits.

How To Care Leather Messenger Bag:

The leather material is more durable than other messenger bags, this skin will look like expensive.

One easy solution is to wash it. But will it actually make the skin damaged? Just look at the important things below:

Avoid hot water or never wash your favorite leather vintage messenger bag using hot water. Yes, indeed hot water has good properties for cleaning stains faster wherever the stain is located, but hot water will actually make your vintage leather messenger products damaged. Especially if you’re leather bag material is very soft and thin.


Like most people use detergents every day to wash clothes. So, don’t ever clean your favorite leather vintage messenger bag with detergent, whether it’s in the form of liquid or sticky soap.

Washing Machines:

Do not use a washing machine to clean stains and dirt from your vintage leather messenger bag. Because of the nature of the washing machine that rotates and twists inside, your vintage leather messenger can become damaged. Do not use a drying machine to dry the leather bag.


The surface of the skin can be damaged if it is hit by scratches or friction that is too hard, If you want to clean up a collection of favorite leather bag then use a brush to clean stains and dirt on the surface of the skin. Use a soft cloth.


The color of your leather messenger can change if it is exposed to violet light. So if your favorite leather bag is wet, don’t dry it directly in the sun, it’s better to be aerated.

Moist Humid:

Room or damp cabinet can cause your favorite leather messenger bag to be molded. To reduce humidity or fungus, it would be nice to give silica gel.

Are You Confused About Choosing A Leather Vintage Messenger Bag!

Body fat or large indeed often causes problems for someone. One of them is that it will be difficult to find or obtain objects of personal needs, such as fusion for yourself. For example, there is a suitable size, it could be that your appearance is just not right or not good.

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One of them is if you want to choose a leather messenger bag. Although only simple objects that are commonly used by people, the presence of a leather bag can be used to make the appearance which become more trendy and confident.

For those who have a fat or large body, but want to appear the best when using a leather bags then consider the tips below:

Pattern or Motif (Combination):

Choose a leather bag that has a small pattern or motif, because it will make you look not too fat or big. And vice versa, if you choose a leather bag that has a pattern or motif that is too large, it will actually stick to your body that looks fat or big.


Regarding size, never use a leather bag that is too small. Because, to balance the role is very important. If your body size includes fat or large, make sure the leather bag you choose or use is also quite large. Using a small leather bag actually makes people who see you focus on body parts that look fatter or bigger.


Let me clarify your body shape that is fat or big, choose a satchel model or messenger bag. This model will fit your body, because a round body shape will certainly require a balance with the shape of a stiff leather messenger bag rather than a weak bag.