How To Wear A Small Tote Bags

Small Tote Bags For Women:

The bag that all women have or should have in their wardrobe is small tote bags and wide tote bags. Practical, essential, especially you can put almost all its existence (mobile phone, diary, keychain, makeup, book, sunglasses and eyeglasses, laptop charger, or even laptop, etc.), this original bag is worn very often by hand using his two handles.

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Must have tote bag:

Some ladies feel that you just have to be compelled to go by holding 2 tote baggage, one for work and another for leisure, in which one’s life is stored. The tote bag is big enough to slip everything you need, from the pair of sneakers. It is usually fabricated from materials that are soft and sturdy, usually in treated canvas, nylon or leather.

How to wear it:

It can be worn with any outfit: with its rounded shape most of the time, its wide handles, it can be reversible and therefore suitable with any outfit. In addition, if you have children, how not to think about this unavoidable accessory?

Different styles:

The bag is worn in a very stylish way, it means with a touch kitsch facet wherever the colors mingle with prints that come in strength. It will enhance any style by bringing the desired elegance. Also awesome with a protracted dress, slim jeans, a small three-quarter jacket.

How to choose a bag for shopping:

Each girl has various collection of bags, clutches, and backpacks of all colors and styles. Shopping bags are really very convenient to carry while shopping. But most of them are not aware of having the shopping bag in their bag collection.

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Each handbag is made of dense material. Fold to a compact rectangle 9×6 and packaged in a small bag-case with the button. In the unfolded state, they have a size of 36×46. Soft handles do not put pressure on your fingers, and will not cause discomfort, which often accompanies the shopping process. All models are bright and colorful and complemented by original prints.

Alternative shopping bags:

As an alternative to sweet-shopping bags, tapestry bags or textile bags come out. The textile version of a bag with two long handles and can successfully replace not only a shopping bag, but also a beach bag. Speaking of beach bags – many models are now so versatile and unusual that they can be used in the city. This type of bags are soft and has wide handles, ropes which turns into a comfortable roomy shopping bag.

If you are a person who gets hungry often during shopping, then you should take a closer look at the shopping bags with wheels. Thanks to the wheels and telescopic handle. With this bag you cannot worry about overloading, with such a bag you can go on a short journey and you don’t need to worry about the bag type. With the compact size, it can be easily carried in hand luggage.

The flight of your imagination is not limited by anything, besides, its burden does not pull. But this burden can also become a stylish and favorite accessory, just pick it to your liking.

Bags that everyone should have:

The bag is an essential accent, whether or not it’s a daily exit or a solemn event. There are several types of it, without which it is impossible to manage are a clutch bag, a shopper bag, a backpack, and others. Today we will tell about 7 bags that each should have.

Spacious Bag:

This is an option for all occasions, and it is especially good for the office. The bag is comfortable and roomy, but not bulky. Where you can place documents, tablet, and cosmetic bag.

Clutch Bag:

A large clutch bag is an elegant casual bag option. It looks expensive and beautiful. It is convenient to carry documents, a phone or a purse in such a bag. Try to combine with the classic pants or a pencil skirt, complemented by pumps or sandals and heels.

Shoulder Bag with a Chain:

Always be up-to-date with the bags, and for many years the bag should not lose its popularity. The Chanel-style classic bag will be your ideal companion on a romantic date, small and neat, without unnecessary details.

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Shopper bag:

It is a convenient and simple shopping bag. Large, roomy and very stylish – perfect for shopping. Depending on the season it can be in light or dark color. These kind of bags are very convenient and suitable for most of your costumes. This can be customized according to your taste.


For several seasons backpack is in the top among all models, and if you don’t have it in your wardrobe then you should buy one for you. It is an ideal replacement for a bag. And depending on the color and design it can be suitable for any image. In the gym, on the beach, on a Sunday walk with a friend, and even at a concert of your favorite band, you can go with this stylish backpack.

Evening Clutch:

This is the bag which is most suitable for special occasion. Evening clutch looks luxurious, and if you often attend social events, then you just cannot go without it. As a rule, the size of such a clutch is a little more than a wallet, but this is a plus. Do not forget to put lipstick and powder in it. To match the evening accessory with any outfit, choose neutral colors of the clutch like black, powdery or champagne.

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Belt Bag:

The belt bag is your indispensable companion on a trip or on vacation. It is better to keep valuables and things that should always be at hand: phone, documents, etc. A small handbag will not disturb you, but on the contrary, it will become a convenient accessory. In the fall, such a bag can be worn over trench coats and jackets.

Of course, choosing bags like extravagant models with embroidery, rivets or other decorative elements will surely take pride of place in your closet. But the bags presented in the article will be a good basis for your wardrobe and basic accessories for stylish looks.