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Tote bag is came from the English meaning “carry bag”. The tote bag was designed at the beginning of the 20th century to allow the postmen to carry their letters easily on their shoulders. Before 2000, it has been used in different ways. After 2010, the tote bag became a fashionable object. Many people are used to sell wholesale totes.

Light and solid, the tote bag has conquered the hearts of the people. Whether you want to go to the city, the tote bag is the perfect ally. But besides being practical, the tote bag knows how to be aesthetic.

Last but not least, the tote bag is a relatively “simple” bag. It contain a large wrapping with two handles. For this reason it became an inexpensive one!

With the tote bag workshop, you can personalize your bags, with the image you want.

The Tote Bag: Where Does It Come From?

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This tote bag was created at the beginning of the 20th century by the English, and served as a mail bag for mailmen in Great Britain. Then, the tote bag has conquered the five continents, becoming the most widespread practical container. Often in plastic, the tote bag are using in everyday life for shopping. It has a large container with handles.

The tote bag is the simplest and most practical bag in 2010. After that was adopt by major brand. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest successor of recent years.

Why Tote Bag IS Good For Your Communication?

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As a fashionable product, the tote bag is attracted by the younger and the older ones. It is not difficult to find it on the street, in shops, on the beach or even at work. Over the years, it has perfectly suited for communication.

It is lightweight, resistant, practical and also fully customizable. One can also makes it as advertising object and also it allow to print Logo, photo, slogan om it.

For your professional events or as a gift for your customers, the tote bag will be the perfect bearer of your brand. When they use that bag, the printed information will visible to the world. A real bargain for companies!

For a 100% green communication, opt to use tote bags in organic cotton!

A Quality Production, Adapted To Each Order:

How do we make a tote bag? The essential tote bag may seem easy to make at home: with a sewing machine and a little creativity. It’s like a child’s play.

But things change if you want to give it to your wedding guests, to your clients or to distribute them in a professional salon.

On a large scale, your tote bags have to be manufacture according to the rules of art: model creation, quality and selection of cotton, the most suitable printing technique, rigorous production control….

The tote bag workshop personalizes your cotton bags respecting as much as possible your request, for an irreproachable result.


Tote bag are making with 100% ecological method through GOTS (Label Global Organic Textile Standard). In addition to the traditional cotton bags, the tote bag wholesale shop offers bags in organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In our printing plant we even use organic ink and which offers a high quality personalization to your tote bags.


Throughout the manufacturing process of your tote bags, we come to life out of a desire for satisfaction. We make sure that every stage of production is carried out correctly: we manually check the quality of the tote bags that comes out of the machines and so we guaranteeing for your product without errors.

The tote bag wholesale will definitely satisfy you. We are proud to have 95% positive feedback from our customers. Our criteria above all are the quality of manufacture and printing and the follow-up throughout the manufacturing process of the cotton bags. Exactly! We love each project and communicate with you at every stage.

What Are The Advantages?

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Until 2010, plastic bags were used by all major brands to facilitate the transport of products by their customers. Due to criticisms and environmental consequences, they have been partly replaced by tote bags, because of their resistant and reusable.

Conventional cotton has made it possible to take a first step towards an ecological process.

But now it is possible to choose a communication 100% ecological, choosing the tote bags bio, carrying the seal of quality, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The organic cotton used for packaging is grown without the use of pesticides and artisanal irrigation methods are used to limit water consumption.

Apart from the ecological advantages that this “organic” cotton offers, the 100% organic tote bags stand out from the users’ side: they are softer, more flexible but also hypoallergenic.