Best Wine Tote Bag

Tote Bags For Wine Bottles:

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We know that, it is difficult to take wine bottle. If your company is a wine store, winery or food store, a restaurant or a take-away shop, give it a look at our wine tote bag for wine bottles. Wine tote bag, as the name suggests it is used to transport bottles. It is not just for one, they can also fit up to two bottles. They are available in brown, natural color of kraft paper, in white, silver or gold. They are perfect for delivery in an elegant and safe way.

The wine tote bag are customised with high quality screen printing. This is an opportunity to advertise your brand. As we have said on many occasions, the differentiation between your competition is the most important thing.

The thickness of the tote bag is 100 gram. This type of handle makes it easier to hold the weight. Its transport is more comfortable, we must earn points in a healthy and serious way. There is no better than choosing bags with natural paper.

The wine tote bag also contain ecological certification such as PEFC and FSC. Where the inks used for customization are water based inks that do not contain alcohol and also does not harm the ecosystem.  

Tote Bags For Wine:

Tote bag are the one which is very economical option to transport bottles of wine or other types of bottles. The dimension of the bag is 15 centimeters wide x 40 centimeters high. They are made to order in non-woven fabric (TST) material that withstands weight thanks to its strength.

The colors available: Green, navy blue, red, orange, white, silver, black or beige.

Cloth Tote Bag For Wine:

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It is very usual to give a bottle of wine, but sometimes, we leave the presentation aside. Today we show you one of our specially made bags of fabric (TST) to transport the bottles in a comfortable way.  

Original And Inspiring Wine Bags:

Who said that the bottle wrappers had to be monotonous?

The  packaging can be classified into two versions:

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On the one hand,one can sold a large landscape bag for customers, who bought more than one bottle of wine with a grape-colored stripe. In that bag they mention the name of the firm with a simple drawing.

bolsas para botellas con asa larga - Best Wine Tote Bag

On the other hand, they produced a bag for a single bottle. Which is sophisticated, because of the paper that wrapped around the back of the bottle.


The design of the wine tote bag are built with a Havana color. Its designers played with the natural elements of the logo (green colors, trees and apple) to give a greater sense of sustainability. While providing a lot of free space in the bag, with a view to including any special commemorative design.

This rectangular design is what we give to our single-unit bottle bags. Perfect as a gift and in events, they have a distinguished and functional touch. An originality at your service that can be even greater, if you personalize them.


And as the subject is original, we close this post with one of our bags to bring more original and practical bottles : the sleeve with a single long handle. You can carry it on your shoulder or crossed so that you can enjoy freely, while promoting your brand, if you dare to customize the bag.